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"ParaBe-Gone" - An Alternative Natural Wormer

ParaBe-Gone (PBG-51) Natural Wormer
Introduction - A chemist friend/mentor, I have worked with for 30 years, has made available to me the all natural wormer ParaBe-Gone (aka PBG-51), to do the companion animal feed trails. The results are in and I am above and beyond ecstatic to say, I have never tested a product that has been so effective and has such a wide variety of uses. This is information about the ParaBe-Gone (PBG-51). Linda Arndt (The Great DaneLady)

Dealing with pathogens such as parasites/worms, giardia (protozoa) coccidia, yeast, fungus, bacteria, virus are very difficult these days when the traditional drugs that we have used for years, are no longer are effective. But there is hope on the horizon. Let me introduce you to an all natural wormer I have been testing and now using called ParaBe-Gone (aka PBG - 51). Handling parasite problems with natural products is my first choice for my pets as well as myself.

How Does ParaBe-Gone Work?
In life there is this dichotomy of good/bad and likewise there are good/ bad bacteria, good/bad fungus and there are good and bad proteins! It is this concept that the wormer is built upon. A bad protein is one that has been produced by a virus, or DNA that does not properly serve a cell's needs. Bad proteins can mean death to a cell, or cause a cell to mutate and over produces itself ( cancer). Once a virus enters a cell, it either destroys the cell over time, or it leaves the cell weak until the foreign protein is destroyed.

So ParaBe-Gone (aka- PBG-51) is a proprietary blend of herbs manufactured from 100% of plant extracts of the finest quality. The main ingredient in this natural plant extract is one of a salt based protein "modifier" which can enhance or breakdown and destroy bad protein molecules. The determination of whether or not it enhances or destroys the protein molecule depends on the percentage of saline in the molecules in which it comes in contact.

Ingredients: 100% plant extract of Negella Sativa (Black Cumin), Mentha spicata (Spearmint), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint), Cyatheales Dicksoniaceae (Fern).

This is where the ParaBe-Gone is the catalyst that degrades the bad proteins and breaks the chemical bond that holds them together. When proteins make up the surface of a cell of a bad organism, ParaBe-Gone will degrade the surface of the cell and cause it to be compromised. Surprisingly, this process is selective "via the salt/saline" marker within the protein itself. PBG can destroy strange proteins and return good cells to a healthy status, preventing the propagation of the virus strain or unhealthy bacteria or parasite. Thus good bye Giardia, Coccidia, parasites, pathogens and yeast etc. we now have a way to deal with them naturally and fast!  Note: ParaBe-Gone will not destroy the beneficial bacteria/flora of the gut, it will actually enhance it.

Worming Dosages  - Dogs and Cats

Dogs Under 50 lbs: 1 CC of ParaBe-Gone per 10 lbs body weight up to 50 lbs.
Dogs Over  50lbs:   5 CC for 50 lbs or more body weight. This is 5 CC per total weight over 50 lbs.

Dogs/Cats Under 10 lbs - use 1/10th of 1CC per lb of body weight. This may required you to get a 1CC syringe from the drugstore and dose in10ths.

Example: If you have a 3 lb pet then you will need 3/10th of 1 CC of ParaBe-Gone.

Give: 3-5 days (in a row) then repeat again in 7-10 days. Then as a prevention use once every 3-4 weeks if you feel it is needed..

Giardia: 5-7 days in a row, repeat in 7-10 days. Then treat every 3 weeks until it subsides. It may require putting this in the drinking water after they have been wormed. In this case use 1.5 CC in a gallon drinking water. Giardia often rears it's ugly head off and on in life.

Coccidia:  3-5 days in a row, repeat as needed until it subsides. This can be used for Parvo along with traditional treatments.

Breeders have reported using this on very young puppies that develop digestive problems. One was a Shih Tzu breeder that used it on 3 day old puppies that were fading and it brought them around. In this cause they use 1 drop per day for a couple of days until the puppies gained strength. It is alway best to use probiotics on newborns. Mix a paste in the palm of your hand with BakPakPlus and put a little on each puppies tongue to help start the digestive flora growing. 

For yearly wormings 3-5 days should be adequate, then repeat in another 2 weeks.

Dosages: Livestock : Horse - Goat
- Lambs

Young goats, lambs or foals : Drench with 5 CC for 3-5 days,
Adults:  Drench with 10 CC for 3-5 days then follow-up once a month for prevention.
For really tough cases, after worming, add to drinking water to keep parasites away:
1.5 CC to a gallon of water. Ease them into this dosage so they continue to drink water!

For coccidia issues in young lambs double dose the amount.

Other Uses:

Systemic Yeast/Fungus Problems: Give for 5-7 days, then use again in 7-10 days. For difficult infestations you can once a month for 2 days as a prevention, or put 1.5 CC of wormer per gallon of daily drinking water. This needs to be used in conjunction with the Skin Recovery Kit#30.

Demodectic Mange: in mild cases, especially on puppies, rub into spots daily until the hair grows and mites are dormant again. Demodectic mange is an immune problem, so it is very important to also boost the immune function with foods from my list of better foods and my CORE 4 supplements and Colostrum.

Sarcoptic Mange: Mix 1 ounce of ParaB-Gone in 10 ounces of distilled water and spray over body.
Mites/Fleas/Ticks:  a topical spray mix 1 ounce of ParaB-Gone in 10 ounces of distilled water and put in a sprayer, then spray as needed, do not get in eyes.

Shampoo: to kill fleas, mites (mange and sarcoptic) and skin fungus. Wet the dog then use some of the wormer as a shampoo it will kill the fleas, mites. Let the dog stand a minute or two in a lather before rinsing.

Lymes: Two breeders have reported using this on dogs diagnosed with Lyme's disease, a tick bite disease that can happen in dogs and people. They had very good success using it to kill the microscopic, corkscrew-shaped bacterium.

Ear Mites: ParaBe-Gone can be used straight to kill ear mites. With dropper put 5-6 drops into ears and work it into the ear to kill the mites. Use for 2-3 days, then use again as needed. Often one dosage in the ears will take care of the mites.

Bladder Infections: I have had two reports of dogs with urine crystals and bladder infections shows great improvement in 2-4 days on the ParaBe-Gone.

Kills Flies/bugs in the kennel or if you have livestock in a barn you can use this in your misters or puffers. Use 1-32 oz bottle.

You can get 32 ounce (960 CC) bottles of PBG-51 for livestock, shelters or kennels from

For Systemic Yeast/Fungus Problems

We highly recommended to use ParaB-Gone be used in conjunction with our Kit #30 - Skin Recovery (our yeast rebalancing program). Begin wormer the first day of using the kit to help expedite the process of wellness for your pet.

Dosage: Give for 5-7 days, then use again in 7-10 days. For difficult infestations you can once a month for 2 days as a prevention, or put 1.5 CC of wormer per gallon of daily drinking water. Test to make sure your dogs will drink it. You may want to ease the dogs into this by starting with 3/4 CC to a gallon, the first time. We don't want the dogs to not drink their water and become dehydrated so monitor it carefully.

This is a liquid and can be mixed with other things like canned meat or given directly with a syringe (no needle) into the side of the mouth..follow up with a treat to make it tolerable. Some do not mind it, some dogs aren't so crazy about it. This can be given to cats as well. Some may use empty 00 gel caps (double 00 is the size) which can be purchased at a health food store or online. Gel caps can be loaded with wormer, stuffed into a meat ball, cheese ball or peanut butter and given this way.

ParaBe-Gone (PBG-51) is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and human and animal and plant friendly.

ParaBe-Gone has not been used or approved as a heartworm preventative, so we are unable to recommend it for that use at this time.
See the advice of your veterinarian for heartworm.

ParaBe-Gone (PBG-51) comes in the following:

30 CC bottles - provides 6 days of 5 CC worming
8 ounce bottles (240 CC) ....provides 48 days worth of 5 CC wormings
32 ounces bottle (960 CC) - provides 192 days worth of 5 CC wormings

The sole distributor of ParaBe-Gone (pets) and Para-Klenz (humans) is First Choice Naturals, Inc. and the website is  To order or for questions call: 1-765-287-8288. 

CAUTION: ParaBe-Gone, like Panacur wormer is often used for Giardia, and it will kill heart worm as well. Do not use this wormer if your dog has not been protected with the vet recommended heartworm preventative. The reason is, if the dog has adult heartworms and you use these wormers, it will kill the heartworm and the dead heartworms will clog up the heart, which could kill your pet. So if you are using the ParaBe-Gone wormer, make sure your dogs do NOT have heartworm. When in doubt, check with the vet to get a heartworm test done prior to worming.

This is an herbal wormer and with most supplements it is not recommended for use on pregnant or lactating bitches.

This is from one breeder:

"Our 8 month old pup had been on regular strongid and panacur treatments. The breeder felt he just wasn't right and treated him aggressively with those wormers. She also brought stool samples to the vet--all negative. One week after this boy's first three day dose of ParaBe-Gone, he pooped out a ball of worms, even though the stool sample test said he was negative! We will be using ParaBe-Gone from now on."

April, 2013 - Two weeks later this dog was wormed again with PBG-51 to make sure he was fully cleaned out. He had been eating lots of twigs, sticks and grass often an indication of an upset stomach which could mean they are still dealing with a parasite infection. After worming the dog vomited up some sticks/twigs and an enormous round worm -we have never seen a worm this large. The owner sent us the photo. In this situation because it has been an ongoing problem this dog will be worme at least once a month with PBG-51 to keep him clean. With this wormer we do not have to worry about killing off any beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the gut and it is not a chemical so not hard on kidneys or liver.

Other testimonials: March 2013

I am happy to report that once I used the wormer you sent me within three days my puppy's stool hardened. I often take him to the mountain for a hikes and walks. We come upon carcasses of dead animals , stool from other farrel animals and occasionally he stumbles upon some sort of standing water and before I shoo him away he drinks from it, so there is allows a chance of him contracting something does exists. I have used the wormer monthly and his stool has remained hard and he is healthy.Thank you for letting me be a part of this ParaBe-Gone trials

I don’t know if you heard the story, most of the Great Dane world has I think, it’s the worst case any of the Vets, rescue or Animal Control have ever seen. We ended up with 22 of them in Rescue. I can see wonderful improvement in the original white girls we rescued from the hoarder in Spring Grove, IL (original weight was 20#’s) terribly emaciated, the Vet didn’t expect them to make it through the night. They were our toughest case for Giardia and we could not get rid of the skin condition which was demodectic mange, but you should see them now; yes we have been giving them Ivamectin, but it wasn’t doing it. We started with ParaBe-Gone in Jan, changed the diet to grain free, gave them probiotics and we haven’t had Giardia again and their coats are wonderful! When I send you better info with dates, etc. I’ll dig up some photos of before and take pictures of them now. Most of this group have been adopted, I’m sure settling into a home makes a big difference.
Thanks, J & DG
- March 2013

Just a midway report on the ParaBe-Gone (PBG-51) on my brothers 12 year old Scottish Terrier. I take care of him while they winter in Florida. He has every two months had a bout with diarrhea. He was tested and found Giradia once. He had a bout of diarrhea beginning on a Monday. I gave him the PBG-51 and within 3-4 days he cleared up immediately. He was running around by Friday as though nothing was wrong. Before the Dr. had given him antibiotics and special food, etc. and it would take few weeks before the diarrhea would stop. It was like the PBG-51 cleaned him out and gave him renewed energy again. I am very impressed with it. He hasn't had any problems since. I am going to order some for all of our 5 greyhounds. I also think that I would like to personally try it (ParaKlenz - human form). Thank you for the opportunity to try this on McCully (Scottish Terrier). I will advise my brother on the use of this and if you think he should use it monthly.I told Pam about it and we both agreed it is great! It is at a great price that is very affordable. I will recommend it to all the greyhound groups. We have attended all your nutrition seminars at the planet. We would like to thank you for all your help and research you have done. Our doggies are all much healthier because of you!!
Thanks, again!
Diane B.




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