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List of Quality Kennels - Other Breeds

This is a list of quality kennels of other breeds besides Great Danes. These are some things I suggest if you do if you are a pet owner and not a seasoned breeder.

1)Do not get involved in a co-ownership or any breeding rights with a breeder. If you are not kennel yourself and know the pro and cons of getting involved in co-ownerships, breeding rights and showing responsibilities, then don't be talked into something like this or it can mean a nightmare down the road and possibly having to give up your dog.

Later down the road, if you become interested in showing a dog and do get involved in the breeding aspect of dogs, then always work with a written contract in the sale of pups or co-ownerships. That way every knows what is expected and no friendships are lost or dogs taken back.

2) Purchase your pet on a limited registration and spay or neuter at the appropriate time.

3) Make sure the parents have had the health checks appropriate to that breed and request a Xerox copy at the time of purchase, to be included in a puppy packet.

4) Make a list of questions before you go see the litter, and do not take a checkbook or cash with you if you are not disciplined enough to say NO if it is not the right situation for you.

5) Quality breeders will "rake you over the coals" - this is actually a good sign, it means they care about their dogs and want as good a home or better for their animals, than even they can provide. Plan on asking them important questions and do not be intimidated by them, their ribbons or show records. Just because a kennel is successful in the ring does not necessarily mean they are ethical. 'When in doubt - walk away.

6) If you do not have an already fenced in yard and are not willing to use a crate then don't bother the breeder. Good kennels will insist on a fenced in yard for any large/giant breeds.
Crate training is essential to teaching your dog to be a good citizen of the breed.

7) Every breed has its own Parent Club which will list breeders within each state. Start by going to the American Kennel Club website and locate the parent club and breeders in your state.

8) When in doubt DON'T purchase the puppy....start again - do not be impatient!!

9) If the kennel you find below does not have puppies, ask them to make suggestions as to where to find other good kennels.

10) If you find a kennel from this website to not use my name as your personal reference. I do not know the numbers of people using this website, so unless you know me personally you need to have other references to give the breeder.

Good Luck on your search!!!

List of Quality Rescue Organizations - please consider adoption!

Sheltie Rescue -

For Quality Mastiffs contact these two kennels:

Sweet Spot Mastiffs

YaBig Mastiffs

These kennel are located in Florida and I personally recommend them, great people and wonderful dogs with reliable temperament.


Renaissance Newfoundlands

"Renaissance Newfoundlands is dedicated to producing sound, healthy, beautiful dogs, that make excellent family companions. Each of our dogs have been selectively hand picked for their beauty, health, and intelligence- and especially their sweet dispositions- which is the hallmark of the Newfoundland breed. As a guardian, companion, or working dog- the Newfoundland displays qualities that make him loved the world over. Being loved by a Newfoundland is like being loved by no other. "

Himalaya Tibetian Mastiff - Virginia

WeI became interested in the Tibetan Mastiff as a family pet in 1992 and was won over by their personality, intelligence and beauty. The breed is recognized in all of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) member countries but is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Registration for puppies acquired from Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs is provided through the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) of the AKC. All of the dogs in my breeding program have been recorded with FSS along with their three-generation pedigree. I encourage you to visit the AKC website at for more information about the Foundation Stock Service.

Most people are attracted to the Tibetan Mastiff because of its beauty. It is undeniable that the breed is striking and imposing. Like many beautiful breeds, they are something of a challenge to own. For those of us with a passion for this breed, none other is their equal. They are independent and are slow to mature both physically and mentally. Tibetan Mastiffs can be fierce when a threat is present and clownish and charming with their families. It is not a breed to acquire without careful thought and consideration. Even within the breed, there is tremendous variation in appearance and character. It is important that anyone considering this breed choose the breeder whose dogs appeal to them most in both conformation and personality. The breeder should be able to discuss the pairing that produced the puppy and guide you in making a decision.

Teine Borzoi - Ohio

Anne Midgarden, D.V.M. & Gregg Fugate D.V.M. are the owners of Teine Borzoi and they have produced some magnifcant animals, Remy being one of my personal favorite. I have a soft spot in my heart for the breed, because I had two Borzoi of my own years ago, Oaklara lines and Kristall lines. Go to their website for more information. They have done a terrific job in conformation and preformance animals.

Kelrobin Labradors - Flint Michigan

We pride ourselves in breeding "All-Purpose" Labrador Retrievers. This means our Labs are of a more moderate "type" which is at home in the ring or field. We believe that the Labrador should remain a RETRIEVER and therefore retain the athleticism that allows the Lab to do what it is bred for......RETRIEVE. We enjoy showing in conformation, obedience, agility, retriever field events, also having participated in tracking and therapy work. Our dogs have earned numerous titles in these competitions, all owner (non-professionally) handled. We mostly just enjoying our Labs as pets. We've been a CGC evaluator since 2000. We will do individual evaluations for a nominal fee.

Named for our first two home-bred champions, Can. CH. UCDX, Woodhaven Amber Silk, CD, WC, CGC, TDI, Can. CDX, WC (Kelly - above) and her daughter, Can. CH. UCD, Woodhaven Silk-N-Silver, CD, WC, WCX, JH, CGC, Can. CD, WC (Robin - below) we have been showing and breeding Labradors since 1974 under the "Woodhaven" name.

Previously known as Woodhaven Labradors, Kelrobin opted for a name change in 2004 so as to not be confused with other "questionable" breeders who have stolen our name.

Some of these counterfeit "Woodhaven" dogs have been seen at dog events. After seeing these dogs, I didn't want my dogs/reputation being associated with them, hence the name change. Please read about kennel names and copycats to see why this is an issue.

Rosewater Labradors - South Florida

Welcome to Rosewater Labradors. We are located in sunny South Florida. We have owned and loved Labradors for seventeen years. Our Labradors are not only beautiful show dogs, but are also take part in other activities such as therapy work and Agility. We are not a kennel. We raise our puppies in our home, and all our dogs are loved members of our family. We strictly adhere to the philosophy of breeding for quality and not for quantity, and of taking an active and personal role in the upbringing of our puppies.

Our Labrador Retrievers are strong, athletic dogs with happy, stable temperaments. Their zest for life makes them ideal dogs for active lifestyles, yet their love for the human touch, which is a part of their lives from birth, also makes them excellent companions for quiet afternoons and sleepy nights.

As you explore our site, you will find photos of our Labradors, their pedigrees, planned breedings, a detailed explanation of our breeding methods and philosophy, breed standard, a calendar of events, and other information about Rosewater Labradors. We hope you enjoy your visit. If you need additional information, or wish to contact us, please visit our contact page.

Stafford's White German Shepherds

I bred only OFA certified White Shepherds. I have signed the AWSA Breeders Code Of Ethics and believe in it. I also participate in the White Shepherd Genetics Project to ensure improvement in the next generations of White Shepherds. Along with genetic testing you need to make sure that the dog's food is of superior quality. I am a serious reader of the Whole Dog Journal. They review foods, toys, and training methods. This is where I keep up to date on the latest methods of training and the superior foods available. This allows me to be informed of advancements and changes taking place in the industry.Here at Stafford's Pet Design, not only do we strive for genetically sound dogs, structure and temperament are also paramount. Our dogs appearance and working ability are important to us and have been proven by the many wins they have obtained.I believe that you can't prove you are breeding a good dog unless you know what a good dog IS.

The only way to know a good dog is by studying the breed standard, getting opinions of judges, and earning titles on your dogs
. To be a responsible breeder, you need to have some type of title on your dog BEFORE you breed. You must have both parents hips checked (OFA and PennHip are standard) and at least a CGC, Canine Good Citizen, title to prove temperament. NOT EVERY dog is worthy of being bred, just because they have papers or their parents have titles. So do something RESPONSIBLE before you breed you dog.

Walden Mark Belgian Tervurens

Nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont just north of Stowe, Waldenmark got its start with the arrival of a special Tervuren pup, BIS Am/Can Ch Kognac’s Stars for Jungle Jake Can CDX/ Am UD HIC CGC TDI - "Jake", our foundation male. The parting words to the breeder were “If he’s showable, we’ll show him.” He was and we did. Little did we know how this dog would change our lives!

Clothes with pockets were essential. A vehicle that could hold dogs and dog show paraphernalia was a must. A home to accommodate the dogs was carved out of our previous home and an essential part of the planning of our new home. I don’t believe our architect had ever had on his blue prints a space in a kitchen labeled “breakfast nook / whelping area”

Four years later, a beautiful 9 month old girl joined us in October 1995, Am/Can Ch Nightfire's Top Intrigue - "Nell", our foundation bitch, from Nightfire Belgians in eastern Canada (New Brunswick).

We had our first litter in September 1997 – the Coffee Litter of which we kept two: BISS/BOSS Am/Can Ch Waldenmark’s Golden Espresso HIC CGC/TDI "Goldie" and Am/Can Ch Waldenmark’s Royal Kona - "Roy". We had such success with the first litter, that we decided to repeat that breeding with our second litter in October 2000 The Tea Litter. Our goal is to produce healthy, happy tervuren that can compete in the show ring as well as the obedience, agility rings with sound bodies and sound minds !

Ingrid & Jay Friedenson, Vermont

Oakley English Setters - a kennel of magnificent representations of the breed. You will enjoy looking at this website.


"A well-oiled machine", the "Dynamic Duo" and "the perfect team..." all of these have been used to describe the backbone of Victory German Shepherds, Ken and Kathy Tank. Sometimes when two people come together, the result is simply magic, a team that works in perfect sync, each complimenting the other. This is TEAM VICTORY.

Ken Tank, has handled German Shepherds (and other breeds) for over 40 years. His name is synonymous with WINNING. He is a recipient of the Lamar O. Kuhns Award for excellence in handling and for his contributions to the breed. Ken also has extensive experience in obedience, law enforcement, guide dog and herding work. He was mentored by the legendary Erich Renner, who called Ken "the finest handler in the country" and "A Dog Whisperer," years before the name became a popular TV show.

His list of Champions reads like a Who's-Who of the German Shepherd breed. He has to his credit a Grand Victrix, multiple High Select Champions, Hundres of Bests of Breeds , Best in Show, Specialties, Group wins, and in total, over 200 Champions to his credit. Ken and Kathy have become one of the most successful teams for handling and conditioning / training in the country....They believe in QUALITY and DEDICATION and EXCELLENCE....and INTEGRITY.



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