Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

Changing My Pet's Food

Question: What is the safest way to change from one pet food to another?

Schedule For Changing Over Commercial Diets

Day One:
First meal: 1/4 new food - 3/4 old food
Second meal 1/3 new food - 2/3 old food

Day Two:
First meal: 1/2 new food - 1/2 old food
Second meal: 2/3 new food - 1/3 old food

Day Three: All new food

Throw out the old food or donate it to the shelter near you. DO NOT feed it in combination with your new kibble or diet plan.

Why Shouldn't I Feed A Combination of Dog Foods?

It is very important NOT to mix dog food brands. Or to even use different products within the same brand name. For example; mixing adult and senior food together 50/50. This is not a good suggestion.

The reason is because each food is "designed" on a matrix system of vitamins and minerals. When you mix two-foods 50/50 you can over-do or under-do required nutrients and disrupt the delicate balance of the food.

Especially the minerals which are critical to the bodies electrical (Endocrine) and skeletal system. The problem may not occur immediately, but show itself in a slow deterioration of the animals health. Please stay with one type of food and more importantly stay with one brand. Use whole foods. Use fruits, veggies, meat or canned meats to enhance the diet, if the dog will eat them.

See my Blackwatch Feed Programs for Adults, Puppies, Seniors, Orthopedic Repair and Yeast Infections, at this site.

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