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Daily Nutritional Routine for Humans

I have taken daily nutritional supplements since the late 1960's. Two of my mentors in education, were also a nutritionists and biochemists from Cornell University. They introduced me to the author Adelle Davis and established a vitamin routine for me, which I adhere to today, with some additions and modifications due to updated info since the 60's.

In spite of my Northern, Germanic, "Reubenesque" physique, and love of cooking and good and bad food, I have always enjoyed good health and wellness, and feel my supplement program has more than paid off.

People will say to me......"WHAT....You've been teaching HOW LONG??? -Well you sure don't look your age. "Well, I can thank Winifred and Irv and Adelle for that,... so in this article I would like to share with you a simple daily supplemental routine, as well as an enhanced version, in hopes you too will enjoy Wellness, if you embark on this program.*

It is my opinion these are the 10 most important things you can do to enhance your own health, wellness and quality of life.

The Foundation

1) The foundation is a good vitamin/mineral supplement made specifically from "whole foods" not synthetics - which are most supplements on the market today. It must say on the label "whole food" supplements. Here are some good choices.

Personally I like the Nature's Plus "Source of Life" or Ultra Source of Life line of whole food vitamins. Their multiple come in large tablets (3 a day) or mini-tabs (6 a day) and liquids - an ultra sweet pineable flavor. It is liquid whole food vitamin/mineral supplement. The Ultra Source of Life includes fruits and veggies, some probiotics and digestive enzymes as well. They also have this in small pill form which is easier for some people to take. This is a great supplement as well. I get mine from The Vitamin Lady website.

GREEN SOURCE - If you can swallow 3 large capsules. it's another good whole food supplement and it comes with or without iron. To purchase go to which is one of my favorite vitamin places because of their prices, terrific sales and becuse all their products test the Consumers Lab testing.

They have the best sales on the internet, often buy 1 get 2 free and at times buy 2 get 4 free. I have used their products for as many years as they have been in business.

Required Supplements - These supplements I will NOT do without!

2) Nzymes - dietary/metabolic enzymes (not digestive) that remove toxins from the body and keep you young inside and out. They put the "living components" back into our cooked, processed, foods and provides nutrients to the body, so the body can detoxify itself.

These are so powerful they can detoxify chemo and radiation effects. (See my father's cancer testimonial) I believe these (6 a day) are the best anti-aging whole food supplements on the market. I have used them on my dogs and myself for 20 years - wrinkles - and you sail right through menopause with no hot flashes, because these are made from "soy sprouts"..not soy beans, but sprouted materials. These are natural anti-inflammatory supplements so they sure help with arthritis too.

Dosage: 6 capsules in AM before eating or divide AM and PM or use granules 1 teaspoon daily mixed in peanut butter or in an energy shake.


3) Probiotics - beneficial yogurt type bacteria and digestive enzymes for digestive health - what is the famous saying "Death begins in the gut" so keep yours in good shape with a probiotic. ProB Brand which I purchase when I purchase my Nzymes, is made specifically to help fight yeast levels and systemic yeast infections in pets or humans is one of the most common yet misdiagoised problems in our health care system. The do not have it on their website, but ask for it when you order.

4) OxE-Drops - are a safe, inorganic liquid compound which has bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properities. It enhances the immune system and it releases slowly and oxidizes, cleaning toxins from the body. They help to keep the pH of the gut where it should be and it acts at the cellular level with no unwanted side effects. Used in a diluted form it has many uses, but I use it to help keep low yeast levels in the gut to prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome. This and my ProB are essential for a heathy digestive tract. I purchase mine from then Nzymes company as well.

5) B-Complex - 100 mg a day - all the B vitamins must be used in concert with each other in order to do the body any good, and because they are water soluble, they have to be replaced daily. You can not get enough of all your B's in your daily meals.

This is the only vitamin that you can actually "feel" a difference in your mood and body. These give you energy, and keep you in a good mood. If I go off them for 2 days I can feel the difference on the 3rd day. I could not accomplish all I do in a day without my B-Complex and there is not enough B's in any vitamin/mineral supplement on the market to keep you upbeat and moving. I keep a bottle on hand at school,l and when my Graduate students get stressed, overworked etc. I offer/suggest a good B-Complex to get them on track. (

Purchase one with NO YEAST in it and TAKE WITH FOOD or you will be sick to your stomach.
It is very important that you do not purchase one with yeast in it, you will belch it up all day long, and for some people it causes stinging when urinating. (ouch!)

Dosage: 1 a day or double up during very stressful times, but take before noon or you will be up at night cleaning the house, working on the computer or dancing then night away. When my father passed away, I was taking 300 mg a day to get through it.

6) Liquid Calcium - Magnesium Citrate Supplement

What good is having good health with no strong bones to support it?

When you get a Calcium/Magnesium supplement combo, make sure it is a liquid gel tablet or just a liquid and you want it in citrate or lactate form or the body can't use it. If you use a carbonate form of calcium/magnesium you only get about 20% of the calcium you really need.

Absolutly do not use bonemeal (toxins often found in it) or cheap forms of calcium such as oxides, carbonates - these are from mined mineral sources and to crude for the body to absorb.

The Calcium/Magnesium formula I like is by KAL and very reasonable in price. This is also an excellent company. You can also get a liquid from Puritan or your local health food store.
Did you know magnesium is as important as calcium and that many heart attacks could have been prevented with additional magnesium in the diet, that is why a combo product like this is best to use. Dosage: 1 - 2 Tablespoons a day best taken at bedtime or follow directions on the bottle.

7) Fish Oil - many times do you hear people say I can't take it because I burp it up! The reason for this is, there are actually 4 grades of fish oil and the one you want to get must be pharmaceutical grade or it will "repeat on you". Even purchasing from the health food store you have to specify pharmaceutical grade because there is such a thing as a health food grade fish oil which does not set well with some people's digestive track.

I like Carlson Labs when it comes to Fish Oil - they have pharmaceutical grade. Fish oil is so critical to keeping your bad cholesterol levels down and your good ones up. Dosage: 1000 - 3000mg daily and with food.

There is another great Fish Oils supplement called ResQ 1250 - this is what we use and I talk about in my article on statin drugs . Statins I want to avoid at all costs!

8) Fruits/Veggies - I do not know anyone that gets in all the fruits and veggies required in the course of a day. But now with some of the great Greed Foods available to us, we can get our 5+servings in a day in a drink. My favorite of the so called "green foods" is the Earths Promise brand. I have been taking the Earth's Promise Green and have found it is actually very tolerable in taste favorite is the strawberry/kiwi or elderberry. I add a heaping teaspoon to my fiber at night along with my ConcenTrace minerals and down the hatch!

I have also incorporated the Earth Promise Orange and Earth Promise Purple and try to take each at least 3 times a week - what a great way to get all of these on a weekly basis. The best source for purchasing is

9) Trace Minerals - ConcenTrace with today's farming techniques and depleated soils, it is next to impossible to get the trace minerals necessary for adequate metabolic functions. Trace minerals run the body's electrical system (glands/hormones etc) and there is a noticable difference in your energy level on trace minerals - they are the spark of life.

10) Fiber - Yes, when my cholesterol levels started to move up over 200 , and I wanted to find a natural way to reduce it, additional fiber did the trick. Fiber, Fish Oil and Policosanel brought my level from 234 down to 194 in just 6 weeks. Nothing else changed. I will discuss Policosanel later in this article.

My own physician said "above all we want to avoid having to use Statin Drugs like Lipitor due to the potential debilitating effects of statin drugs", so he suggested I do what he does to keep his in check and it worked great.

In addition to Fish Oil - 3000 mg daily, and Policosanel 20 mg in the AM after breakfast, I took Fiber at lunch and dinner (2-3 Metamucil capsules with a large glass of water). Later in the evening before bedtime and 30 minutes before or after you take your calcium supplement so it does not absorb it, take another additional tablespoon of dissolvable Metamucil (orange flavored sugar substitute or regular) and a large glass of water.

You want the dissolvable type or you may have "flatulence" If this type of Metamucil still makes you gassy, do not give up,...... you can use a really good nongaseous fiber supplement made by Nature's Plus called Rx-Fiberific™ Cholesterol Balance Vcaps™

This is my basic program - in addition to this I will discuss other supplements that you might want to incorporate into your diet depending on your needs.

NOTE: No additional Vitamin D is needed in this program. Also do not add more Vitamin E than in the vitamin/mineral supplement. New research shows, it is best not to have too much vitamin E - 400 IU is ideal, because it can cause a pro-oxidant effect on the body. It is kind of a reversing of the benefits of antioxidant supplements because one is so over powering. It is now felt a broad spectrum of antioxidants from vitamins/minerals/enzymes is better than mega dosing on just one like Vitamin E.

Dr. Steven Holt, reknowned physician, researcher and best selling author of many health books explained it to me this way............... "If you give too much of one antioxidant it takes up free radicals, becomes saturated and cannot donate electrons except to other antioxidants which have different redox potentials. This circumstance is the danger of giving high doses of one single antioxidant in an unopposed manner. In short, you should give ideally several antioxidants at once to get the job done."

Other Support Supplements - Still Under Construction

Co-Q-10 - see
Joint Support Supplements
Prostate Support Supplements - See
Flaxseed fresh ground
Ellagic Acid

If you have heart health see Dr. Sinatra - a respected cardiologist - Dr. Sinatra's website for supplement and diet recommendations.

For information on Anti-Aging Supplements that work. - Under Construction

Other Supplement Companies Worth Considering

These are not pyramid or multi-level companies.

*This program is my personal program, discuss it with your physician before starting on it and make sure he knows all the medications you are taking as well so there is no conflict or reaction.

Support Articles and Websites

For information on Diabetes - this website is outstanding and full of the latest research and ways to handle it.


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