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Day to Day Pet Care

"Great Dane Lady, what kinds of products do you use for the day to day care of your dog's ears, eyes and teeth ?"

This is a question I hear with great frequency so in this article I will provide you with the names of products I prefer to use on my dogs,.... and I have asked Dr. Wagner to carry the products at First Choice Naturals Inc., so they are available in one place, for myself and my puppy buyers.

These are products I have tested and used for my pets and have found them to be very safe and effective. I choose not use any products from multi-level marketing companies, regardless of how good they may be, so as to try and keep the prices reasonable for my puppy buyers.

Below is a list of what I use and Dr. Wagner now has them in two kits available at FCN - Basic Daily Care Kit and the Deluxe Daily Care Kit.

Ears - nothing beats K9 Ear Solutions - not only for general cleaning, but swimmer's ear, ear infections and it is the best for the worst chronic yeasty ears. This product works better than anything I have found for ear health or anything I have gotten from the vet.

Eyes - I like to use an all natural product called Eyes So Bright for general eye cleansing. For eye infections I use OxEdrops in a DILUTED SOLUTION ONLY (1/2 teaspoon OxEdrops and 1 cup distilled water and put in an eye dropper). I use twice a day.

Fleas - I do use a topical flea preparation (Frontline Plus), but in addition I use an all natural insect spray called Neem Protect Spray - it is safe, all natural and helps keep flies, deer flies and other insects away as well. The Protect Spray is nice product to use in conjunction with my topical flea treatment.

Shampoo- Neem Protect Shampoo- is a safe, all natural shampoo and companion product to the Protect Spray.

Teeth - Petzlife Oral Spray - no more anesthesia to have your pet's teeth cleaned. This spray alters the pH of the mouth and plaque will dissolve in a month, then you can use as a maintenance spray weekly. Finally, a no hassle way to take care of your pet's oral health which is a big problem with older dogs. Having clean teeth can mean extending your pet's life by 3-5 yrs.

Also Ark Naturals has a great safe product called Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque Zappers
which you put in the drinking water daily. It's safe, enzymatic product that is so easy to use and works great for pets who do not want you messing with their teeth.

Treats - People always ask me about healthy treats. I have recipes at my website but if you are busy or have several dogs this is not always the best choice. I use 3 treats - Eagle Holistic Treats (Fish and Chicken).

For dogs that are in training or showing, I like the Sea Mobility Jerky Strips (Beef and Chicken) because they can be cut or torn into little pieces to get many treats out of one piece. For dogs with yeast or allergy problems the Sea Mobility Jerky Strips (Lamb or Venison) are wheat and corn free.

Eagle has a new meat treat the dogs love - it's 90% all meat in 4 flavors. My dogs will kill for one of these treats!!

Skin - Omegas 3-6-9 - One of the biggest mistakes owners make is in adding Omegas to their pet's diet without using a balanced Omega product. Holistic dog foods are carefully balanced their omega ratio in 3-6's, so when you randomly add additional oils to the food you can disrupt this balanced ratio, causing skin problems.

The product I suggest is Ultra Oil for Pets - which is a balanced 3-6 and 9 Omega product. IF you insist on using more omegas on your pet's food then please use a balanced ratio product like Ultra Oil.

Anal Glands - for more information go to this article: The Relationship Between Anal Glands and Tonsillitis.

This information is not to be used in lieu of veterinarian advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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