Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

Elbow Hygromas - Bursas

Swollen Elbows

I have found this to be the best resource for taking care of elbow bursa or hygromas. it is a product called Microlactin derived from a milk substance and works great for inflammation. It is packaged under a human label called MICROLACTIN - which you can purchase at

Dose according to the bottle for an adult. That means double dose for two weeks then you can drop back to a normal dose.
This works for people with swollen joints too. Pretty amazing stuff.

I have have had several people report great results with Microlactin in reducing elbow swelling as well as orthopedic problems. I have used it on my female with a shoulder problem and she has done well and the 3rd week on the product is when I really saw a difference.


It is my experience that swollen elbows has nothing to do with laying on a hard surface. In fact, my only experience with it was in one litter and 6 of the puppies came up with a hygroma, and strangely enough, all within the same week, around 7 months of age. They all lived in different homes, were on different diets and all were living in the lap of luxury and not sleeping on hard floors. All of them reabsorbed within 3 months, which made me think this is probably a developmental problem in certain lines. It is minor, considering what serious things can go wrong in this breed. I would try to stay away from surgery, I know that is a last resort and people I know that have done surgery wished after they had tried something else.


Some breeders will just use the Microlaction and had great success, some will use it in combination with a topial DMSO

DMSO + Dexamethsone (a steroid). Always use gloves when applying DMSO. The combo of DMSO and Dex are use:

2 oz of DMSO
and 2ml of Dexamethsone mixed together and rubbed on the area AM and PM, wear gloves or use a bottle dobber like they used for shoe polish. Your vet will have to agree to mix this for you.


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