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Most Recent Information: I have a friend with a Great Dane that was diagnoised with Cardiomyopathy. The dog was diagnoised with Cardio Myopathy and was in very bad shape. The use of traditional drugs combined with OTT Treatment Therapy has made all the difference in the world. This dog is still going strong and can walk 1/4 of a mile a day.

It is well worth trying and using OTT and the Cardio Support Supplements Kit #21 should bring quality of life back to this dog.

Here is an OTT article to help you with this information.

Below is the letter from the veterinarian that treated this dog.

September 8, 2009

My name is Terry "R" Wood, DVM and I own Mustang Veterinary Hospital, P.C., Mustang, OK.

February 20, 2009 Bud, an eight year old intact male Great Dane, was presented for an examination. Bud weighed 151.3# and had a temperature of 101.6 F. His face was grey and he had cloudy eyes. He also had ascites, pulmonary edema, and an extremely elevated heart rate with multiple dropped femoral pulses.

My diagnosis was dilative cardiomyopathy, which is extremely common in dogs of that age and breed. It is a dreaded diagnosis as the survival rate, even with treatment, is usually just a few months at best. I prescribed a diuretic and Vetmedin with instructions to call daily if necessary. Bud was so bad, the owner said he collapsed in the driveway after he got home following his exam. The owner thought he was going to die.

Fortunately, he rallied and started responding to treatment. Concurrently, the owner started adding many other supplements and nutraceuticals. This included a Mother Earth Minerals product called oxygen treatment therapy (OTT Treatment Therapy), which was selected to increase oxygenation of Bud's tissues and cells.

As of the first of September 2009, Bud has continued to amaze me. The owner reports he improves every day. He also feels well enough to run and play, which he has not done for a long time. He has survived much longer than I had anticipated. In addition, he is feeling better than he has in a long time.

I think the "multi-modal" approach to Bud's treatment is what is so important. I feel the (OTT) oxygen treatment is enhancing his nutritional supplements as well as his conventional therapy. I have had dogs respond well to western medicine only, but not generally this well for this long. I would recommend anyone that has a dog with dilative cardiomyopathy should consider the oxygen therapy as part of their treatment regimen.

Terry "R" Wood, DVM

Section A.
The Basics Program

This program is a comprehensive and consists of 5 major component and it now comes in a supplement Kit - Cardio Support Supplements Kit #21 at First Choice Naturals, Inc.

1. Dog Food - Natural/Holistic Super Premium - kibble and canned
2. Filling N The Wholes -whole food multiple vitamin/mineral/probiotic
3. L - Carnitine - amino acid know to support heart muscle development
4. Co-Q-10 - an enzyme directly related to heart, lung, function

5. Colostrum - to boost heart health and immune function.

6. Nzymes - dietary enzymes - puts living component back in diet
Optional: Liquid Health Level 5000 - joint support supplement
Variety - canned meats - raw options - fruits and vegetable

Where To Purchase Products

1. DOG FOOD -Precise Kibble and Canned Food

2. Filling N The Wholes- multiple vitamin/mineral whole food supplement with beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, joint, immune and heart support.

3. L- Carnitine - an important amino acid for heart muscle health -

4. Co-Q-10 - an important enzyme that is necessary for heart, lung and gums

5. COLOSTRUM - Research shows Bovine Colostrum will regenerate and rejuvenate the immune function, as well as heart muscle.

6. NZYMES - Dietary enzymes necessary to put the living component back into process foods.


Liquid Health Level 5000 - joint support supplement (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and herbs). www.Liquid Health Level 5000 com

FOR VARIETY ADD - fruits & veggies For a safe, balanced raw option use Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw - info below.

NOTE DOSAGE : These two supplements are in the Cardio Support Supplements Kit #21

> Therapeutic dosage for the liquid L-Carnitine is 1200 mg AM and PM for large-giant breeds (50+lbs) and for Co-Q-10 is 120 - 300 mg daily for large-giant breeds.

> Theraputic dosage for medium range dogs under 50lbs - L-Carnitine 600-1200 mg and Co-Q-120-200 mg daily.

Theraputic dosage for Small breeds under 25lbs - L-Carnitine 300- 600 mg daily and Co-Q-10 -60-120 mg daily.

The rest of the supplements in the kit you should dose according to the label on the product.

There is benefit from feeding some raw ground or cubbed beef heart daily as well. Not liver, and not any other species but beef or bison heart.

Large-Giant breeds 2 Tablespoons- AM and PM feeding 3-4 times a week - if you get a loose stools reduce amount. Reduce down for the smaller dogs.

Section B.


1. Food - Kibble and Canned -

Use Precise Adult Formula appropriate to your breed.

About the Excellance Award - Precise company.



Vetmedin (Pimobendan) Chewable Tablets for the treatment of congestive heart failure in dogs. As the first of a new class of heart treatments termed Inodilators, Vetmedin has been shown to significantly improve the clinical signs and extend the life expectancy in dogs with congestive heart failure. Tremendous success has been reported with this drug. For an adult Great Dane it is going to run about $190 per month with this medicine - but well worth it. So give up smoking, bowling, beer get dile up instead of cable what you need to do for this medicine is well worth it.

Vetmedin works through two complementary modes of action; it opens up the blood vessels taking blood to and away from the heart, thereby lowering the pressure on the heart and reducing the work the heart has to do to pump blood around the dog's body. At the same time, Vetmedin has a direct effect on the heart muscle, helping it to beat stronger and pump blood more efficiently.

Other Compatible Support Supplements - which are in Cardio Kit:

Dietary Enzymes - is Dietary Enzyme in a chewable healthy pet treat or in granular form. Nzymes put the "living component" back into a cooked, processed, stored dog food. Enzymes are heat sensitive and lost in processing/cooking of all commercial foods or making home cooked diets. As owners we must put dietary enzymes back into the diet, in order to maintain proper wellness and not deplete the body of this important resource. This can be done by the addition to your diet with a product called Nzymes, a chewable pet treat, or granular form which can be sprinkled on the food to replace what is lost. In other words, Nzymes provide the body with the right nutrients to allow the body to make the chemicals necessary to detoxify (clean out) the body and repair itself.

Nzymes helps with the following:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Natural anti-inflammatory ~ so you can avoid risky medicines like Rimadyl
  • Arthritis
  • Orthopedic problems ~ HOD, OCO, Pano, Wobblers, Hip Dysplasia, ACL
  • Epilepsy and Seizures - due to vaccine reactions
  • Vaccine reaction prevention
  • Cleanses residual toxins from medicines, flea and parasite preparations.
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Reduces shedding
  • Itchy ears
  • Yeast infections
  • Bladder infections
  • Hotspots
  • Reduces healing time from injury, surgery (cropping/bloat/c-sections)
  • Reduces recovery time from anesthesia.

Nzymes are from sprouts (food) so they do not conflict with diet or any medications. I have used the Nzymes for 30 years for my animals and I take the human product and have seen remarkable changes our health. By incorporating Nzymes into the diet, you are putting back the "living component" into the modern processed and cooked diets. This gives the body the tools it needs for repair and good health.

Order Online


Ox-E-Drops is clear a safe liquid that will kill pathogens: bacteria, fungus and virus. When feeding raw meat it is particularly important to use Ox-E-Drops to help prevent problems with the pathogens in raw foods. An added benefit is that Ox-E-Drops Drops does not kill the good bacteria of the gut and helps to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria. I believe Ox-E-Drops is very important component to a diet in the possible prevention of bloat and systemic fungus infections, toxic and leaky gut syndrome, because if it's ability to help keep the proper pH balance in the gut which is important in breeds that have a tendency to bloat.

Ox-E-Drops can be use diluted (1 cup of distilled water + 1 teaspoon of Oxy-Drops) for a solution to clean out ears, eyes, to spray on skin or use as a colonic. It is very beneficial in systemic yeast infections as well.

Dosage - 1 drop per 20 lbs of body weight. Use daily on food, mix with a little water and your canned Eagle meat and use as a gravy. During times of illness - double this dosage.

To order:

Joint Supplementation

I have used Liquid Health Level 5000 joint supplementation with great success on my dogs. It is particularly noticeable when you introduce it to an elderly dog diet - they respond very well to joint nutritional supplementation. The amount of glucosamine in better dog foods is barely a maintenance level dosage, which is why I supplement my dogs. Whereby it is beneficial for all breeds ages and sizes, the large and giant breeds are particularly vulnerable due to their size, rapid development as a puppy and later tendencies toward bone cancer - normally of the long bone or growth plate.

For more complete information and ordering go to this website: Liquid Health Level 5000

Options For Variety - Meats - Fruits - Vegetables

MEATS: I use Precise canned dog foods for variety (beef, chicken, liver, lamb, duck, fish, puppy).I mix a couple of tablespoons of canned meat with tepid temperature water and make a gravy.

Do NOT use grocery store brands they are full of preservatives and 4D meats (dead, diseased dying and disabled) and they give the dogs stinky gas and are full of unhealthy fillers. NO homemade concoctions of meat/rice combinations that you make up at home, they are very unbalanced in their calcium and phosphorus levels and can cause growth problems.


I think it is important to incorporate some real foods into you dogs diet on a daily basis. Not only is this done for nutritional purposes, but because the dog gets bored eating the same thing day in, day out!! This is a list of recommended foods to use in moderation:

yogurt, buttermilk berries melons, apples, banana, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, oranges, squash, sweet potato, green beans, zucchini - minced/diced/raw/cooked - they love frozen berries and melon balls!! Pulverized fresh veggies are best for digestion.

NO raw onions, grapes or raisins, macadamia nuts.

Linda's Very Veggie Soup - 2 large cans of chicken or beef broth - (low sodium for heart or elderly dogs- or homemade). Add LOTS of veggies - carrots, green beans, wax beans, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and couple cloves of garlic. The idea is to use this as the filler so you want it to be hearty and filling.


6. Variety use HONEST KITCHEN - Dehydrated balanced diet.

If you want to introduce some raw meat, fruits and veggies to your dogs diet, the is is the best way to do it because it is balanced in it's calcium and phosphorus ratios and free from pathogenic bacteria and parasites. This is a freeze-dried dehydrated raw turkey or chicken diet, all you have to do is reconstitute with filtered water, let sit a few minutes and serve. Do not get lazy and simply sprinkle this on the top of their food, make sure you use it reconstituted with water first -so it does not draw all the water out of the dog's gut, causing the dog to want to drink water in excess. The food dehydration process takes place so the ingredient are still considered raw yet done at a temperature to kill any pathogenic bacteria. Enzymatic activity in dehydrated foods is simply suspended until the food is rehydrated with liquid.

FORCE (21% protein - 14% fat) - Chicken, Flaxseed, Potatoes, Celery, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini, Green Beans, Apples, Honey, Alfalfa, Kelp,Yogurt, Bananas, Papayas, Basil and Rosemary.

EMBARK 29% protein - 16% fat - Turkey, Flaxseed, Potatoes, Celery, Spinach, Carrots, Coconut, Apples, Kelp, Eggs, Sesame Seeds, Bananas, Cranberries, Rosemary.

First Choice now carries 5 different Honest Kitchen Flavors, check them out at their website.
This can be used as a stand alone diet or used to top dress your kibble.

If you are interested in using a balanced totally raw component to the diet I use Diets.


I divide my supplements for AM and PM feedings. I make gravy of tepid temp water and a holistic canned meat and add the Ox-E-Drops to this mixture.Top dress with a little fruit or veggie or the Honest Kitchen mixture at least with one meal a day. I tend to use my evening meal for the Honest Kitchen - just for variety.

Do not microwave, soak or use hot or very warm water on your kibble. It will destroy the integrity of the probiotics (friendly yogurt type cultures) and the fragile vitamins/minerals and amino acids on the food.

Water On Food:
Commercial foods need to be fed with moisture so dogs don't over consume water after a meal, and so the kibble does not pull moisture from the dogs system in order to break down properly. Use
"tepid" temperature water never hot or warm and never soak your food as it breaks down and destroys nutrients. Mix up and feed immediately. I use approximately 1/2 cup of water for adults per each meal. Adjust accordingly for puppies. If they have loose stools, you may be using too much meat or water than necessary. Adjust that before you panic and think they are sick.

Drinking Water:
It is very important to
NEVER withhold water from your dog. This can lead to over consumption and bladder infections. Use common sense, do not let them drink excessively after exercise or dinner. Like a horse, let them cool down and then drink. I have found if I have water available in several places, they never overdo it since they know it is available to them when they need it. That way they drink less amounts of water, but more frequently.

Withholding water for fear of bloat is a myth. Stress is the cause and bloat/torsion is the response. It is much more complicated that simply saying water is the cause of bloat.

(See my article on Bloat and Torsion for details) (See On My Soapbox)


For years, Dr. Sinatra has talked about the importance of CoQ10, which sparks energy production in your body. And now he’s discovered another nutrient, called D-Ribose, which helps your heart and body replenish energy.

He firmly believes D-Ribose is a monumental breakthrough. And he’s now found a way to bring you the same high-quality form of D-Ribose that he’s been using, called RiboBoost.

If you want to seriously take care of your heart, or you find yourself struggling to get the energy you want, RiboBoost may be what you need.

Here’s why. Your heart is your energy center—it uses the most energy, and it produces the most. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the natural compound in your body that your cells burn for energy. It has a job description like no other. All of your tissues, including your heart and skeletal muscles, liver, and brain cells, need ATP to function. And D-Ribose helps to regenerate ATP.

Under normal conditions, your body is able to produce the amount of ATP that you need. However, under stressful conditions, such as strenuous exercise, or when your blood and oxygen flow is restricted, your ATP production may naturally decrease by as much as 50%. And studies have shown that it can take more than three days for depleted energy levels to return to normal, and up to ten days for full cardiac recovery.

RiboBoost helps to fuel the regeneration of ATP—keeping your heart strong, and energy levels where they should be. And the benefits it gives you are sixfold.

Dr. Sinatra’s RiboBoost helps:

Promote cardiac efficiency, health, and function

Support increased energy regeneration in your cells

Promote exercise recovery, and may relieve muscle soreness

Support energy levels in the heart and muscles

Promote cellular energy

Provide antioxidant protection against free-radical damage.

This simple, “easy-to-take” powder refuels your cells and promotes cardiac health.

D-Ribose is a 5-carbon molecule that’s found naturally in your body. In supplement form, it’s a powder, not a pill. All you need to do is take two small scoops of RiboBoost a day, one with breakfast and one with lunch. Just mix a scoop of RiboBoost in a glass of skim milk or juice, stir briskly, and drink.

RiboBoost has a mildly sweet taste, but is not the same as table sugar, and will not raise your insulin levels like sugar will.

If you get fatigued muscles after working in the garden, walking, or playing with your grandchildren, RiboBoost should help your body recover more quickly.

Why You Need both D-Ribose and CoQ10

When it comes to energy (ATP) inside your body, you need to both create it and regenerate it. CoQ10 sparks the creation of energy. But during times that your body can’t create energy quickly enough, you need to regenerate it. And it’s D-Ribose that fuels the regeneration of energy.

To maximize energy production in your heart and body, you need both CoQ10 and D-Ribose.

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