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Growth Problems In Puppies - Part 1


There Is Hope.....Lara's Story

This is an example of a puppy that was diagnosed as having a "retained ulna core", and like many other dogs diagnosed with this disease, they are told the dogs require surgery and/or euthanasia. I have many of these cases in my files and I have found with a change in diet, this problem can correct itself, if the change in diet is made at an early age (under 5 months). So if your puppy was diagnosed with this disease, do not lose heart - try my feed program, you have nothing to lose at this point. It is my experience that this disease is caused by poor quality diet or disruption in the balance of the mineral composition of the diet. When one leg is a little weaker than the other due to fast growth or possibliy and injury in the developmental stages, one legs starts to grow at a different rate. If caught early enough this can be repaired with nutritionial changes.

For repair see - Blackwatch Puppy Feed Program and Puppy Guidelines, and follow it with no omissions or substitutions.

Below is one example of a puppy that was diagnosed with this problem and you can see the major difference in less than 30 days on the Blackwatch Feed Program.

Lara - Before
Lara - After 30 days
Using the Blackwactch Feed Program
Lara - January 21, 2003


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