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Common Dog Health Problems

Welcome ...... help is on the way!!

No doubt you have emailed me because you have been on the web searching for information to assist you in the care and wellness of your beloved pet.

Most owners that write me have invested a considerable amount of money trying to find answers to their pet's problems, yet almost every effort seems to "hit a brick wall" or a temporary solution. The majority of emails I receive, are veterinarian diagnosed allergies or skin problems such as ; itching, chewing and licking feet, plucking hair, redness, reoccurring ear infections, strong body odor and then a secondary bacterial infections on the skin and ears.

In this letter I will direct you to information at this website, which will be "common sense" oriented and innovative in it's nutritional approach to solving many of today's health problems for your pet.

I apologize for having to send this information in a cover letter, but due to the number of emails I receive daily and the popularity of my website, I must provide you with information in a "crash course". Please continue to read below, click on links that apply to your situation, and together we will work toward improving the quality of life for your beloved pet. I promise you, this information will help!

Linda Arndt

Part 1 - Most Frequent Problems - click on what applies

Allergies and Feed Program for Allergies

Systemic Yeast Infections - Candida Albicans

They Say Allergies - but I think something else is wrong

Seizures and Feed Program for Seizures

Growth Problems and HOD Help

Orthopedic Problems - Arthritis, Ligaments, OCD, Pano, Lameness

I Want to Change Foods - List of Better Brands of Dog Foods

I will also give you links to articles that will assist you in other problems - see below

Part 2 - Feed Programs To Help Your Pet

Adult Large/Giant Breed Feed Program
Puppy Large/Giant Feed Program

Adults - Toy Small and Medium Breeds
Puppy - Toy, Small and Medium Breeds

Seniors - All Breeds


Feed Program for Systemic Yeast Problems
Feed Program for Diabetic Pets
Feed Program for Bloat
Feed Program for Diarrhea
Feed Program for Sensitive Stomach
Feed Program for Bladder Infections
Feed Program for Allergies
Feed Program for Seizures

Feed Program for Balanced Raw Diet
Feed Program for Pregnant and Lactating Bitches

Feed Program for Weaning Puppies

Diets for Dogs Overseas, Asia and India
Diets for Overseas - United Kingdom

These feed programs are comprehensive and suitable for the life of the animal.


The whole food supplements I recommend in my feed programs should not conflict with any medicines, they are natural substances derived from human "functional" foods.

I do not recommend using your current supplement routine along with the supplements I suggest, it can be too much or unbalance a diet.

My Observation:

This is my personal observations ~after answering many emails a day ... pets with skin and allergy problems are often fed the following foods. This is not to say these caused the problem, there are other factors to consider, I just think this is an interesting observation that these names keep coming up when animals have skin issues.

Science Diet
Ole Roy
Grocery store brand foods

Looking For A Better Brand of Dog Food - Go Here?

My Preference is always:
EAGLE PACK Holistic/Natural Dog and Cat Food.

Part 3 - MY PUPPY

If you have a brand new puppy, especially a large or giant breed, please go to ARTICLES in the left hand column of this page, click on ARTICLES and scroll down to the section called
and read everything there.

Part 4 - More Info on Allergies- Skin Problems

Allergies - Skin Problems - Shedding, Itchy, Ear Infections, Chewing

For those of you experiencing any problems related to allergies or skin issues, I will give this information to you so you can get started on addressing this problem.

I know most of you have spent so much money trying to get at the bottom of this problem and you are frustrated beyond belief, but I guarantee you most of the time the real problem is over looked by your vet and you are simply sent home with a "Band-Aid" and a big bill.

Why not try another approach, you have nothing to lose and your pet has much to gain and we have a good success rate treating these problems with a better comprehensive diet and some supplements. We treat this from the inside out - detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system and supporting the body with a good diet.

Remember - The skin is the biggest filter organ on the body, remember all the toxins in the body must come out through the body's mucus membranes, stool/urine and skin. Those toxins are highly acidic and cause your pet to itch, scratch, chew and be perfectly miserable.

This is what you must do to get to the bottom of this problem of allergies or skin issues.

Read the reference material and diet information I list below.

Get a thyroid test done on your pet, if you have not had this done in the past 3 months. Ask specifically for T3 and T4 blood test you need both and don't let them talk you out of it.

If you get a thyroid test within 30 days of vaccines it will skew the test and give you inaccurate results. It is my experience working with thousands of these cases, most skin issues are due to thyroid problems (caused by over vaccinating), poor quality food and over use of antibiotic.

Keep in mind that most research shows that allergies (food or otherwise) are actually very rare in dogs/cats. But we are told Allergies are rampant in our companion animals. Why??

Because your pet does not have a food allergy. Even with all the tests you have had done on your pet, 9 chances out of 10, your pet does not have an allergy, it has a systemic yeast infection caused by poor quality dog/cat foods, missing dietary enzymes, over use of antibiotics, nutritional deficiencies, over vaccinating and toxins in the body. All of these singly or in combination will result in a systemic yeast/fungus infections, which always get misdiagnosed as allergies.

Yeast/fungus can not be killed by an antibiotic, and when it is treated with antibiotic, it only makes it worse!! It keeps returning and back you go to the vet - It is a vicious cycle...and we can stop this problem for good. So often these skin problems are accompanied by constant reoccurring ear infections, which are only the tip of the iceberg and they are a "dead give away" that systemic yeast is at the root of your problems.

Correcting The Systemic Yeast Problem

Step 1 - Change in Food

My first choice in foods is the Eagle Pack Holistic line of dog and cat foods - kibble and canned.

Eagle is not always available in some areas, see List of Better Holistic Pet Foods . Wellness is not a bad choice and Blue Buffalo is at some Petsmarts. Again NOTHING works better for correcting problems as the Eagle Holistic line of pet products, but if you can't get it within 25 miles you may have to go with something else or have Eagle mail the food to you directly. You can call and ask for information at 800-255-5959

Click Here: Which EAGLE PACK Food Do I Choose to Use For My Pet?

Step 2: - The Yeast Removal Kit

contains 4 natural supplements and all 4 items are necessary to kill and remove the yeast!!

Tincture of Blackleaf - herbal remedy - liquid - to kill the yeast/fungus

Nzymes - a dietary enzyme (sprouted) that will clean the dead yeast from the body

Oxy-Drops - helps maintain the proper pH balance of the gut so yeast is suppressed

BakPakPlus - this is added last to regrow the gut with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to crowd out the fungus.

Read the instructions for removing yeast- you must follow them exactly.

To Order the Yeast Kit:

Step 3:

Articles for You & Your Veterinarian to Read

Systemic Yeast Infections - Candida Albicans

Feed Program for Systemic Yeast

These articles will help educate you about this problem and get this poor animal turned around. Please be patient and understand when the pet is detoxifying during the fungus die-off period (first 2 weeks), they may get worse before better. It may mean frequent bathing with a baking soda rinse and the use of a little steroids to keep them comfortable until the detox period passes. It took some time to get the pet in this condition and it will take some time to turn around, but it will turn around and your pet will be comfortable again.

The detox period may mean more itching or even lethargy or nausea. This is the same for people too. Yes, systemic yeast problems are enormous problems for humans, and the same Yeast Removal Kit and a change in your diet can rid you of this problem. There is info in the article above about how this affects humans.

I hope this information well help you find some answers. Most people find my website and feed programs to be an answer to a prayer, so please take the time to examine it carefully. Again I apologize for this mass mailing, but I have not other way to assist at this time and do so in an expedient manner.

For those living overseas and having problems with no access to quality pet foods, please go read my Feed Programs for Overseas or Feed Program for the United Kingdom.

Linda Arndt - Pet Care & Nutritional Consultant
Blackwatch Great Danes and Pugs - est.1973

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" I do not sell or distribute any products I mention in my articles and feed programs. I am not a vet. My comments, answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be used "in lieu of " veterinarian's advise, diagnosis, or treatment."

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