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Joint Support Products That Work

I am providing this page because I am dead set against using the drug Rimadyl for orthopedic pain. This is a very controversial drug and I tell my puppy buyers they should NEVER use this drug, especially on a young animal! Why would you risk compromising a vital organ such as the liver, when there are many other options for orthopedic relief and repair?

When I get emails or calls for help regarding orthopedic problems (HOD, OCD, Pano, Wobblers, Arthritis) inevitably the vets put these dogs on Rimadyl and it is because the drug companies have done a grand job of "educating" our vets to push this drug as a solution to arthritis and other orthopedic problems. But you have other options available to you to help with orthopedic pain in the form of natural supplements and pain abatement products listed below.

The joint support products I have listed below should be use in conjunction with the Nzymes product which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Products That Work

If you are looking for a high quality glucosamine joint support product, Liquid Health Level 5000 is the one I have used for some time. I find it an excellent and affordable product and they ship overseas too - Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom - more added daily so check with the company to see if they ship to your country.

I have used it with great success on my dogs and my elderly dogs respond well to joint nutritional supplementation. The amount of glucosamine in better dog foods is minimal, helpful nonetheless, but minimal, so a good joint supplement is ideal especially for any age or breed. I start my dogs during growth stages and continue throughout their adult life. With the large/giant breeds their joints have added stressed, so any thing that can help support them as they age is a positive thing in my opinion.

Liquid Health - Level 5000 - another liquid product that delivers a combination of joint repair and joint enhancing properties to the system quickly. The cost is a little more than the Liquid Health Level 5000 product which adds up if using on the giant breeds, however it is a good product

Cosequin is a product that you purchase from the vet. It has had the longest track record and the most amount of research behind it since it was the first of it's kind. It is all natural and very effective. The problem is it also may be cost prohibitive on the large/giant breeds. Consult with your vet for pricing.

CartiVet Plus I was extremely pleased with the results from this formula. Call the company and determine how much you will need per dog, per month and the cost before you order as it is very expensive for a large and giant breed.

For Pain - These can be used in combination with the above products.

NZYMES - I personally would never use a risky drug like Rimadyl on a young growing dog, it is not worth the risk of losing them to liver damage. Likewise, I had a very bad experience with using aspirin on my dogs, many years ago and almost lost one to internal bleeding. I will never recommend aspirin, coated or not, for the use of pain in animals.The Nzymes product listed above and in my other feed programs does many things. One job is that of being a natural anti-inflammatory and works well to relieve pain for HOD, OCD and Pano .There are many stories at their website


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