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Nzymes and Protein Levels

Help, I Am Confused!

The protein percent in Nzymes is a confusing issue to some individuals. Since this is a question that comes up on occasion it is worth addressing in a mini-article, so people are clear about the protein percent in Nzymes and how much it actual contributes to a daily diet. This is especially important because I recommend Nzymes in all my feed programs.


Dear Linda
I have an 10 year old dog with elevated liver enzymes and my vet wants him on lower protein - around an 18% food. I see the protein protein in Nzymes is listed as 48% on the label. Why would it be safe to use on my dog if it is 48% protein and he needs to stay around 18%?

Good questions, why would it be safe?

First, let's look at an illustration..... If I had a piece of chicken in my hand the size of a pea, the protein content on that chicken would be 100%, because that is what makes up a piece of meat. A certain percent would be water, but the protein portion of the meat is 100% protein. That means that 100% of that chicken is protein, it does not mean that your dog's diet is made up of 100% protein.

Likewise the Nzymes chewable tablet, if it is 48% protein, that only means that of one chewable tablet, only 48% (or almost half of that little tablet) is derived from protein source. And when your dog eats and Nzymes chewable tablet it is a minuscule amount of protein when you look at the daily consumption, he is not consuming a daily diet of 48% protein!

Nzymes have many detoxifying benefits to the body and they are in fact beneficial to dogs/humans with elevated liver or kidney levels, in that they help to clean the organs and get them functioning properly.

So the answer is...NO, Nzymes does not elevate the protein content on your dogs daily diet and it is safe to use when combating many degenerative diseases.

For more information about Nzymes and it's many benefits see my Blackwatch Feed Program.

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