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Precise Pet Food - Texas Farms Get's Excellent Rating

FLASH! -Texas Farms Owner and Manufacturer of Precise Pet Foods Receives an Excellent Rating From AIB International.

Who is AIB International?

AIB International is a corporation founded by the North American wholesale and retail baking industries in 1919 as a technology exchange center for bakers and food processors. AIB International now acts as an educator and as an outside auditor for those involved in the food manufacturing and baking industry. AIB International's ocus is to reduce food safety issues through independent inspections, superior third party audits, training and shared expertise. The purpose is to help the manufacturing company meet higher standards in the industry, lower their risks, and by doing so we will empower companies to strengthen their reputations. The motto of AIB is "there are no secrets when it comes to food safety best practices" - so the entire industry benefits.

The original mission of the organization was to "put science to work for the baker and general food production industries worldwide. Today it serves many segments of the food processing, distribution, foodservice, and retail industries worldwide, as well as support in areas of nutrition; food safety and hygiene; occupational safety; and maintenance engineering.

AIB is headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas, home of Kansas State University and one of the major centers for wheat and related grain product research and development. The Institute works closely to maintains links and working relationships with many other food production and equipment, food safety, trade development, and food legislation groups and university food science research programs both in the United States and abroad.
Why is an AIB Rating Important?

Third-party audits provide an invaluable component to the safety of the US food supply system. Our audit programs provide literally thousands of independent checks and balances to the food supply system and they are done voluntary by the manufacturer along with regulatory inspections. Audits include microbiological test records as part of the program evaluation and the audits depend on openness and disclosure to accomplish their full function.

Finally, audits may be a component of a supplier approval program between companies. Other components may include Certificate of Analysis, independent lab analysis, transactional requirement, announced and unannounced plant visits, as well as other components to ensure a safe and predictable supply to the purchasing organization. The AIB GMP standards consider over 300 elements, under 5 categories.

The AIB Consolidated Standards was designed as recognition of achievement for management and plant personnel to encourage them to keep improving their GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance program.

Those of us involved with Precise Pet Foods are proud of the Excellent Rating received from AIB International for Good Manufacturing Practices - this award is the industry's gold standard.

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