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Prevention Magazine - Recommended Vaccine Schedule


This is the schedule that came out in the April 2004 of Prevention Magazine. You can take this to your vet as the schedule you want to use for your pet. This schedule is recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association.

NOTE : Do NOT use ProHeart 6 - which is a 6 months heartworm shot. It is killing dogs.

Editorial note:

I do not give Rabies until 6 months or later due to the fragility of the immune system. When I do this, I may be breaking the law in the state of Indiana. If you are not comfortable with this idea, then there are options you have that can help prevent vaccine reactions in your dog/cats.

1) Do not have the vet give a rabies shot at the same time as any other shot. You MUST be insistent about this and hold your ground. If there are other shots due at the same time, then make two trips to the vet - space them at least a week apart.

2) Make sure your dog is on Nzymes - dietary enzymes before/during and after vaccines, so the body is detoxified. Nzymes are built into every Blackwatch Feed Program and detailed information will be discussed about Nzymes in each program.

Also see the Blackwatch Vaccine Schedule for information about prevention vaccine reactions.


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