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Pyometra-Uterine Infection


Dr. Kathleen Kenyon, owner of Sanger Veterinary Hospital in Sanger, California, has practiced small animal medicine for 25 years. In addition she breeds, shows and trains Great Danes. Dr. Kenyon has historically used only conventional medicine in her practice, but in the last year she started using the Blackwatch Feed Program, along with her conventional treatments. She is now recommending it to her patients, because of the success she has seen with her own animals.

Below is a letter from Dr. Kenyon to a Great Dane discussion list, and she talks about using the supplement recommendations in the Blackwatch Feed Programs (Nzymes, Ox-E-Drops and Probiotics), and how they have benefited her client's pets. In this case it was for treating Pyometra - uterine infection.

Dr. Kenyon is available for phone consultation between 2 - 4 PM PST Monday-Friday, for more information go here for detailed info: Contact DocKitty. She is available for phone consultations for a small fee and for Veterinarians consultations at no charge 1-559-875-2922.

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to share some information. I have started using Linda Arndt's Blackwatch Feed Programs with Nzymes, Ox-E-Drops and probiotics in my kennel for a year and in my clinic for the last few months.

I have had many successes, but one in particular I wanted to share with you because it may be of service to all of you. I have now cured 2 pyometras without spaying with this program, and douches with a 2 % solution of Ox-E-Drops 3 times a day. (2% solution is - 1 teaspoon of Ox-E-Drops in 1 cup of distilled tepid temp water).

The first case was an 9 year old Boston terrier who has a very bad heart. We did PgF2alfa for the first treatment and it solved the problem for about 3 months. This was an open pyometra where there was pus coming out of the uterus. The discharge came back and I told the owner that she would have to take it to a surgeon, because I was not going to do surgery on her heart compromised dog. I told her we could try this new program and see, and if it did not work, she would have to go to a surgeon.

Well, five days on the Nzymes, Ox-E-Drops (internally and in a douche), Probiotics (BakPakPlus) and douches with 2% solution of Oxy-E-Drops 3 times a day, she informed me that the discharge had gone and the dog was feeling great.

That had been 2 months ago. I had another case a few weeks later of a Golden Retriever with 3 week old pups came in to the clinic with a fever, not eating, no milk and lethargic. This was a show dog who she did not want to spay. I told her we could try this new approach. I put her on the program with Ox-E-Drops douches 3 times a day (2% solution is - 1 teaspoon of Ox-E-Drops in 1 cup of distilled tepid temp water). And we gave the puppies diluted Ox-E-Drops and did not take them off the mom.

She called me four days later and said the bitch was eating, milk had come back in, there was no fever and the puppies were all doing fine, I checked the mom in 2 weeks and she was normal. Just thought I should share this with you all, it may be of interest and of help someday.

Doc Kitty
Sanger Veterinary Clinic

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