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Raw Feeding Options


If you do not want to use kibble, or only part kibble, here are some raw diet options. I do not recommend a totally raw homemade diet or raw commercial diet for growing large and giant breeds under 16 months of age, due to issues of unbalanced diets and fast and uneven growth patterns.

I do believe in a raw component to every diet - so for a variety of options look at my Blackwatch Feed Programs (Puppy/All Breeds) or (Adults/All Breeds)to find a method that suits your situation.

There are 4 types of raw diets that can be purchased so make sure the raw you are using is balanced in calcium/phosphorus levels, if you are using it as a stand alone diet or with kibble.

Types of Diets

  • Complete raw diets, with vitamins minerals and balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio.
  • Straight raw meats (incomplete diets) and they need to be balanced in their calcium and phosphorus ratio before you use them. This is done with a companion product the company will instruct you to purchase. (These must be used with a variety of other foods in order to bring them up to a complete diet)
  • Carbs/veggie/fruit diets and you have to add the raw meat. (Honest Kitchen Preference Foundation Formula).
  • Commercial kibble that is calculated to use up to 20% raw meat with the kibble

Advertised As Complete Diets - These are the ones I recommend you use along with your kibble, or with Honest Kitchen Formulas you can add it with kibble or with raw meat for a complete balanced meat diet. The foods on this list are foods I approve of for my puppy buyers. If the food you are looking for is not on this list go here for a list of better foods.

  • Company
    Website Diets
    This is a family owned plant, Very good product line up, including the New Freeze Dried diets. All are complete, takes NO rehydration and NO refridgeration.
    The Honest Kitchen
    Dehydrated Raw - I use these products to top dress kibbles but they are stand alone complete diets balanced in calcium/phosphorus levels. You can use their Preference Foundation Formula along with the meat componenet from Primal Mixes or Diets meat, to make a great homemade diet that is balance!
    Primal Pet Foods
    An excellant good product owns their own plant plant, some is co-packed elsewhere. Balanced raw andusese Organic ingredients.Some of products made at Morash Meats, a quality plant!
    An excellant family company, owns plant, human and pet holistic products. Pioneer in holistic health.
    Nature's Variety Raw
    Use the Raw Instinct . medallions. independantly owned company. Upgraded formulas with new ownership.
    Bravo Raw Diet
    A family owned, company but good product.
    Oma's Pride
    old family company been around, makes a good product
    See Spot Live Longer
    Steve Brown the originator of Steve's Real Food has now made a diet that you can add the supplements to the fresh raw or cooked meat and have a complete diet.
    FarMore Dog Food
    The Ultimate Diet



Grain Fruit Veggie Diets - You Add The Meat Component

These foods are a preparation of whole grains, fruits and veggies. You must supply the meat protein and follow their directions exactly or you can unbalance the diet.


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