Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

The Pork Myth

I am often questioned about the use of pork in a couple of the super premium dog foods listed in my list of better foods. There is the notion that pork is not appropriate to feed your dogs.

Like the Beet Pulp Myth and Corn Myth, the image of pork as a protein source, has suffered some due to the propaganda generated by the competition in the industry.

Over the years the beef industry, through marketing techniques has influenced the public away from the use of poultry or pork. With a growing interest in health issues, and costmers looking for other alternatives to beef, the poultry industry has blossomed and over come the stigma that, poultry was a second class meat. Now the pork industry is working hard to change it's image, which is evident in the magazine and television ads declaring pork as "the other white meat."

In terms of how this affects our dogs, when we look at protein sources for commercial dog foods, pork has more of the "essential" amino acids present, which is critical for building muscle mass and repair. Lean pork is the higest digestable of the protein sources, hypoallergenic and low in nitrates and antibiotic and hormone free.

The mushers learned 20 years ago, to build the best muscle mass pork protein is the best choice, and repair damaged tissue is accomplished better by feeding pork based diets.Pork based dog food are very popular for sled, hunting and performance dogs because of the type of protein base needed for the high demands of these animals.

Eagle Pack and Back To Basics, are super premium level foods of superior quality that have pork based products available and listed on my list of better foods.

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