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Where To Buy Your Great Dane Crate

The crate to buy for a giant breed (Great Dane) is the Midwest Colossal Crate size 54 " long x 37" wide x 45" tall.

This is the approximate cost for a MW Colossal Crate + Pan, don't forget shipping costs. Midwest Colossal $189.95 and the Pan is an extra (item #02856C) $34.96, and you need to get a pan as well!

There are several places to purchase a MIDWEST METAL CRATE # 99, or a 99N(for catalogues) KV VET 1-800-423-8211 will order this item and ship all over the country.

REVIVAL ANIMAL HEALTH 1-800-786-4751 will do the same.

The local retailers can be found at The list at Midwest's web site will not indicate whether the retailer carries the 99 or not so you need to write or call.

Do not purchase a soft crate/fabric, these are for well trained adult show dogs.

Here is a good price on the MidWest Colossal Crate for Danes - Scroll down on the page

Care-A-Lot catalog. No oversized shipping cost at the time I bought mine. They are located in VA, 800-343-7680 -

Recently I noticed that Petsmart had a Colossal Crate so that might be an option without shipping. Make sure you have a vehicle big enough to haul the box home!

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