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How to Improve Your Health & Cancer Information
"a few simply things that make a difference"

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease"
                                                                                       ~Thomas Edison


This past year I have gone through some personal challenges with endrometrial cancer. I choose to tackle the problem holistically, and after surgery in October 2011, they wanted to do traditional chemo and radiation. From every one I have known go through this process or from research I have read, chemo and radiation kills the immune system, which in turn kills the patient, not the cancer itself.

Instead I choose to ramp up to a high level of nutrition and supplementation along with a type of gentle chemo done in Canada, Europe, South America. It is done in the US, but you have to know where to go for this service and it's out of pocket expenses. It is called IPT or Insulin Potentiated Low Dose Chemotherapy and is not considered "standard of care" in the USA by the medical community, meaning insurence will not pay for it even if it saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars and lives in the process.

This article is about the research, the resources I located, the nutritional help one needs and where to go for a kinder, gentler cancer treatment. I am happy to say I am cancer free and went through the treatment with no nausea, no hair loss and no down time from work...yes you heard it right. There is no need for people to suffer like they do with tradition methods of cancer treatment. Below are some things to get you on the right path to better nutritional protection from disease. I will also help you locate a clinic near you for IPT Chemo treatment which is not stressful at all and it does not destroy your body!
If you are in need of help, call me: 765-284-8288


These are some simple steps to help us as our pet's guardian, get on the right track.

First, our water supply and much of the food supply is contaminated and controlled by large corporations. So we can improve this by, start by using water that is filtered for drinking and taking showers. - clean water

Alkalizing your drinking water is important and can be done with a reverse osmosis machine or a very simple way, use fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice  in your drinking water every day - that is very easy to do and inexpensive.

Keeping your body from being in an acidic state is important and starting with your filtered, lemon/lime juiced water is a big step in the right direction, especially when combined with a diet of raw fruits and veggies.  Do not drink soda pop, it destroys your body's pH levels making you prone to disease. For every 1 can soda you have it takes your body 4 days to correct the pH.

Pay Attention to your body's pH levels. - use testing tape daily. Check in the AM both urine and saliva before you eat or drink anything. You want a pH of 7 or above - disease and cancer can't live in an environment that is 7 or above. Ideal levels are 7 - 7.4 - you don't want it too high otherwise you can't process your food properly.

Buy locally grown fruits and veggies, co-ops are a good place to start, or grow your own using Heritage seeds

Talk to the local farmer about how they grow their products and raise their chickens and livestock. There are many locally grown farmers, especially in Indiana, where you get good, fresh food then freeze and also can foods for winter. If you don't have the time here is an excellent source for many foods in central Indiana, it is company called Seven Sons Farms where you can grass fed meat/chicken/duck etc and raw cheese, raw milk, honey and preserves. They have set up days when they deliver to different areas in the state so you can place your order online with them, then pick it up at a drop off place. For Muncie, the drop off is every other week in Anderson.

Also look for a Co-op in your town as well as a local farmers market. For a state by state list of organic and free range foods


Why is it 84% of adults have thyroid problems that go misdiagnoised?

Well physicians, like veterinarians are not testing properly to get an accurate assessment AND the processed salt we use is lacking trace minerals and lacking iodine in amounts we need to keep it functioning properly.

SO... toss out the Morton's Iodized does not work, it is processed and it causes high blood pressure, bloating and thyroid problems which are an epidemic in this  country for dogs and humans.  Instead use only Celtic Sea Salt or Redman Sea Salt - not all sea salts are the same some are processed. Celtic Sea Salt is important because it puts back the trace minerals into our diet, including proper iodine, not a synthetic iodine. These trace minerals  are no longer in our soil due to factory farming, so we need to use Celtic or Redman Brand Sea Salt to get the iodine we need. Again not all sea salts are unprocessed - you want to make sure they have trace minerals in them natural.

Where to purchase? The local health food store should have it or I buy mine online at  We buy it in small packets to take with us when we go out to eat or travel and then use the fine ground at home. Celtic Sea Salt is saltier salt than Morton's salt because it is not processed.

True unprocessed sea salt does not cause high blood pressure, in fact it can do just the opposite

Next, speaking of thyroid - did you know your family physician like your veterinarian more than likely does not do a complete panel when they test your thyroid?  It took me 8 doctors, 2 were Endocrinologist and NONE of them knew how to test my thyroid properly. Everyone of them said it was fine, when I knew for 40 years it was not,  but did not know how to find someone that could figure it out. Because of my work with Dr. Jean Dodds and her 5 way panel for the dogs, I starting investigating having this type of test done for me.

This brought me to a new type of physician - one that does "bio-identical hormone replacement therapy", because these physicians know how to test for it properly by doing a more comprehensive panel - they look at all of the metabolic system and look at you in a holistic way! Now keep in mind natural hormone replacement or balancing does not cause cancer, it is the synthetic forms of hormones that are so dangerous and those are the ones prescribed by most traditionally trained physicians. So do a search on google for "bioidentical hormone replacement doctors or centers in your area" and see what comes up. Also compounding pharmacies (look in yellow pages for them) will have a list of physicians they work with and can recommend someone to you to call.

If you have a Compounding Pharmacy in your area (check the yellowpages and on line for a list of compounding pharmacies) they will have a list of holistically oriented physicians .Here are some other places to start .

Those people with Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome/ Insulin Resistance - there is a holistic answer to reversing this disease. YES you heard me right and the info is out now in a best selling book by Dr. Mark Hyman of the UltraWellness Clinic in Maine. It is called Blood Sugar Solutions - it shows how to reverse diabetes through food and supplements. His clinic and info is


These are some of the supplements I took while going through IPT chemotherapy and my immune system was in great shape. I had no nausea and no loss of hair. (info on IPT below) my final blood test and CT Scan showed no cancer and the immune blood test showed it higher than the normal range!

I will continue to stay on these as a preventation and maintenance dose as well.

Treating with antioxidants from natural food sources is critical and using foods to keep inflammation down is so important. Here are some things that helped me.

Vibe Whole Food Fruit/Vegetable Concentrate -pharmaceutical grade

ResVante - the most potent form of Resveratrol on the market.

InflamMotion - Natural Anti-inflammatory for tissues and joints.

Strauss Heart Drops - Garlic based natural anti-inflammatory and it products the heart (much chemo meds destroy the heart). I used it to keep my arteries clean and blood flowing.

Immune Assist -(humans) A mixture of medicinal mushroom, anti-cancer these are from the same company that makes K9 Immunity for pets.

Transfer Factor PLUS (for humans) - mega colostrum based to boost immune function. This is the same type of products I recommend for pets with cancer which is called K9 Transfer Factor

Linda's Vitamin Routine




Daily Supplements


Evening Drink to Boost Immune Function


VIBE Liquid Multiple Vitamin Mineral from Green and Super Foods



Broad spectrum of antioxidants>


"Green Foods" - powdered fruit/veggie/ - 1 scoop in reverse osmosis water


Nature's Way B-100 Complex - mg daily - capsules


<Nervous system - attitude, energy


Benefil Fiber 1 tablespoon


20 Nzymes Capsules Divided AM & PM to detox during chemo


< Antioxidants - detoxifies body
Anti-inflammatory >


Spark of Life - 1/2 teaspoon
72 trace minerals.


Vitamin C  w/ bioflavonoids
2400 mg daily


< Antioxidants - detoxifies body
Helps keep pH above 7>


Angstrom Minerals
- 1 ounce


DMAE - 100 mg
Co-Enzyme q-10 - 150  mg
Ubiquonal 100 mg


<Antioxidant, heart, circulation


Magnesium Angstrom Minerals  - 1 ounce


NAC - Acetyl- L Carnitine 400 mg
Alpha - Lipoic Acid 200 mg


<Boosts Immune
Boosts Immune System>


DMG - 1 teaspoon


Enzymetic Digest Gold - several strains of Probiotics and multiple digestive enzymes OR

ProB Probitocis


< Boost Immune System - digestive health
Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory>


Eniva brand Angstrom Strontium
1 oz


OcuGuard Plus - 1 capsule
for my glaucoma


<Cross section of antioxidant protection




Life Extensions - Omega 3's with Lignins - 2000 mg daily






SAMe - 200 mg daily


<Detox and mood




Green Tea






















SPECIFIC Anti Cancer Supplements












Transfer Factor
(colostrum)  2 caps


Boost Immune function




Immune Assist
6+ caps AM and PM


series of Medical Mushrooms 8
reduce tumors *




Tumeric / Curcumin -
640 mg daily


reduces tumors




Quercertin - AM and PM
Total 1000 mg daily


anti-inflammatory -
procyanidins, bioflavonoids




ResVante - Resveratrol


Anti-inflammatory- procyanidins, bioflavonoids




Pycnogenal - 200 mg


Anti-inflammatory procyanidins, bioflavonoids,
Reduce cancer cell growth




InFlamMotion - 2 capsules
mixture of herbs


Anti- inflammatory




DHA - 100 mg (in addition to Omega 3's)


Decrease cancer cell growth






Detox - Liver Cleanse


1 capsule daily




OTT Drops 6 AM and PM in water in reverse osmosis



all other vitamins can be purchased at


Provides oxygen to the cells














Goal: Cook More
At Home Meals + Eat
More Raw






Remove from Diet

Stevia Sweetner


Stevia is a natural sweetener that does not metabolize as a sugar


No White Sugar
No Artificial sweeteners

Honey and maple syrup is normally ok to use, but not using with active cancer cells.



Energy - Honey has
anti bacterial properties


No White Sugar
No Artificial sweeteners

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil


Omega 3's - DHA
Medium chain fatty acids


No Vegetable oils
Soybean oils - inflammatory

Green Tea, White Tea




No decaffeinated teas, they are processed.





Flavors and antioxidants
tumor reducing


No MSG or equivalent inflammatory

Berries; raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, dark grapes, apples, lemons, limes, pomegranates


Ellegic Acid in Berries- antioxidants



No Soda Pop, Alcohol
Destroys pH levels

Celtic Salt w/ trace minerals


Important for endocrine system


No Fast Food

Organic Herbs


Antioxidants, anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory



Only Grass Fed - Organic
chicken, Turkey
(minimal organic beef ) uncured meats





Cured meats
Processed meats

Eat more quality Fish
and Flaxseed


Natural Omega 3's


Less Omega 6 from grains

Organic or home grown/locally grown Fruit and Veggies


Rainbow of antioxidants: Red, orange, yellow, greens, blue, purples


Avoid Canned when possible due to sodium content.

Sprouted Flours, breads used in moderation
Use only grains with fiber intact ex: Brown Rice, Oats,
Quinoa, Barley etc.


Sprouted flours are metabolized like a vegetable not a starch or sugar.
Grains = B Vitamins - Nervous system


No white bread, pasta, potatoes, white rice
No processed flours or pasta



Beta-Glucans - anti-cancer


No instant/processed grains inflammatory

Organic Nuts and Nut Butters


Lipids - Omega's - antioxidants


Nut butters with hydrogenated oils - inflammatory

Dark Chocolate





Beans - Lentils


Fiber - B'Complex, Proteins





Natural Fats


No margarine or fake butter






A look at how Monsanto has controlled our food supply.  -

Green Drinks - Juicing

Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Green Drink Recipe – SERVES 3 to 4

  • 2 apples (cored, but leave the skin on them)
  • 2 BIG handfuls of spinach
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 3 ribs/sticks of chopped celery (if you’re using Vita-mix, you only need to cut the celery rubs into thirds)
  • 1/2 inch or teaspoon ginger root, peeled
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon

After everything is combined in a blender (I highly recommend Vita-mix), this recipe makes 28 to 30 ounces — about three to four servings. After Oprah tried this on the show, she was pleasantly surprised and exclaimed “It’s a glass of fresh!”


Linda's Nutritional Goals - Intentions

1).   Reduce Inflammation


2).  Elevate pH of saliva and urine to 7+ or above


3).  Boost Immune Function


4).  Stop Growth of Existing Cancer Cells


5).  Prevent New Growth of Cancer Cells


6).  Stop Free Radical Damage During Cancer Treatment




The Moss Report:  

This is very important website to learn about the most current research and statistics for treatment. Dr. Ralph Moss has dedicated his life to keeping track of research and posting the truth so people have alternatives as well as mainstream.

Dr. Mercola * the very best site!

Dr. Sinatra - (Heart)
Dr. Ray Sahelian -
Dr. Frank Shallenberger -
Dr. David Williams -
Dr. Memhet Oz - 
(all these Drs have been on Dr. Oz's Show)
Dr. Helen Pensanti - ObGyn - (has her own TV show).
Other sites:
Dr. Mercola's Diet Type =


Life Extension Organization - has free advisors (MD's ND and Nutritionist as well as Nutritional Oncologists) who will send you research info and articles, as well as  help you with supplements if you have cancer or are ill. The will send you article links you can print out and take to your doctor.  I have been a memeber since 1983 and found this anit-aging organization to be amazing and helpful in many areas of wellness. LifeExtension Organization

CANCER INFO - Great Links and Books for handling it Holistically

Traditionally trained oncologists do not prepare the body for chemo and radiation. They say it interferes with the drug's effectiveness. This is research BELOW that shows that it is important to support the body with nutrition, food and supplements when going through chemo/radiation contrary to what your may physician tell you, so you need to investigate on  your own.  I found it's best to prepare your body with food and  supplements to keep the immune system boosted while going through treatments.

Remember this..physicians are NOT Gods, they drop their drawers just like anyone else so don't be afraid to be your own advocate and get a second and third or more opinion. I worked with 5 different doctors!! None of them agreed.

This next article talks about in only 2 cases do you have to back off on them for a day or so during a couple of types of treatments. The promote the use of many nutritional approaches to keeping the body detoxified and the immune system supported.       AND

This is a great book, she has done a wonderful job if gathering info:

Information on a Kinder Gentler type of chemotherapy this is the type I had done so I have had personal experience with this method: iptld/

If you live in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana the clinic I went to is in Burr Ridge, Ill outside Chicago.

Anyone with cancer needs to know about this place:

SPIRIT-SOUL INFO - Documentary -  "I AM" - by Tom Shadyac -

Dr. Deepok Chopra has much information at his website, not only meditations but books that so helpful for personal growth as well as dealing with cancer.

Other Information:

Question do supplements interfere with chemo and radiation?

This is a very important website about Oleander - an herb used to fight cancer and AIDS.


If you choose to go with traditional chemo and/or radiation this is a great site to get your hair restored quickly. Of course it is my experience that having your immune system in great shape the whole time and detoxing with the Nzymes product during, you lessen your hair loss drastically.

Oxygenation Daily Routine

1). Douche AM and PM
with aluminum free bicarbonate of soda and distilled Water
(Women - endrometrial cancer)

2). Drink Water or Green Tea with "Cell Food" 7 Drops

 3). OTT Drops Internally- in distilled water
6 Drops AM and 6 Drops PM
- working up to 10 drops AM and PM Daily to put oxygen into the body
at a cellular level, cancer/disease can't live in an oxygen environment.

What Are Ott Drops? - Where to Get OTT Drops.

The Dr. Ott's Oxygen (02) Treatment Therapy (OTT) is based on the ground breaking research work of Otto Warburg, Dr. William Koch, Dr. Linus Pauling and numerous others. Half a century of research has proven what should be quite readily apparent: Oxygen is the single most important vital nutrient for the individual mammalian cell. Research has also conclusively proven that when cells, tissues and thus various organs of the body register low oxygen levels, chronic degenerative DISEASE conditions such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, arthritis and cancer routinely develop. Unless and until OXYGEN electrons are made available to the cells, these "incurable" conditions will never reverse.

Therefore, pure OXYGEN is health's least common denominator.

The oxygen mineral therapy is composed of two 0.5 oz liquid products, a concentrated MINERAL REAGEN (REAGENT) and a concentrated ACTIVATOR. When the two products are combined, a complex bio-chemical reaction occurs that produces a third, and separate
compound called hypochlorous acid, (HCLa) and a powerful, yet unstable (it only is bio-active for one hour) oxygenating substance called Glyoxilide. HCLa and Glyoxilide are primarily composed of pure, liquid oxygen (dioxide) ions, and are completely safe to consume. These are nothing but ALL-NATURAL NUTRIENTS that the body MUST HAVE DAILY.
A deficiency in hypochlorous acid, for instance is actually described medically by the term myeloperroxidase deficiency, but most family doctors have never even heard of, much less diagnosed, this very serious condition. ALL individuals suffering from chronic and debilitating disease states have this condition, and don't know it. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE BODY TO HEAL NATURALLY WITHOUT ADEQUATE HYPOCHLOROUS ACID, and the OTT protocol delivers this amazing nutrient plus Glyoxilide in rich abundance.

When HCLa is held under the tongue, then slowly swallowed, this unique and powerful liquid oxygen compound immediately binds to the body's red blood cells in the form of negatively charged dioxide ions that are literally LOADED with free electrons. These dioxide ions powerfully 'oxidize' all anaerobic, positively charged cells such as viruses, heavy metals such as mercury, bacteria, molds, parasites, and of course mutated cancer cells which also carry a positive electric charge (i.e. they are missing electrons), The OTT protocol is also a very effective antidote to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Linda's Daily Routine - checklist

1) Checking my pH - Saliva and Urine want it 7 and above

2) Using Alkaline Filtered Drinking Water

3) Counting out Supplements for Day

4) Planning meals for the next day

5) Taking all meds prescribed

6) Taking OTT Drops Daily (Ox-E-Drops only 10X stronger)

7) Prayers - Meditation - Gratefulness

8) Expressing my feelings about my health with friend/family

9) Being social and staying active - my purpose

11) Collect info, data to discuss with physicians

10) Read, Study, Research - be my own advocate

I hope this info help and if you are facing a health issue and want some help in getting
a nutritional program together to support your health, or just a good daily wellness program, I will be glad to assist. I can also help you locate a holistic physician and
human nutritionist in your area. You can set up a consultation through First Choice Naturals at 765-284-8288

God grant me the serenity to accept
the things I cannot change; the
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

For cancer information for you pet here is my new article.



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