Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

Precept Plus Pet Foods - Makes Beautiful Coats

Grady's Story

Grady came to live at our business, First Choice Naturals, Inc. as our office cat because he was not fond of other cats and dogs. He was a cat of the streets when Phil and Jane Gray rescued him in Louisville, KY. He was lost, hungry and wandering around homeless.

He was about a year old when they took him home and he was fed another brand of pet food but when he was moved to our office to live he was put on Precept Plus pet foods- kibble and canned.

I would have NEVER thought that after a year on Precept Plus Adult Felinethe coat on a grown adult cat would have grown into this magnificent coat just by changing foods! 

Here are examples of Grady after he had been feed Precept Plus Adult Feline wet/kibble over the last year. YOU be the judge. We think it is amazing AND have noticed the same thing at home with our Persians and other retired cats.

Before: On Eagle Cat Food for 1 year.

Below: After One year on Precept Plus Adult Feline Formulas



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