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Blackwatch Adult Feed Program
Blackwatch Puppy Feed Program and Puppy Guidelines
Blackwatch Senior Feed Program
Blackwatch Feed Program for Orthopedic Problems -
Balanced Bland Diet For Digestive Upset
Feeding A Raw Diet - BARF
RawDiet Options -
Lamb Rice Diets
Criteria - List of Better Dog Foods -


Do I Need To Use A Puppy Food? -
Amount to Feed Large and Giant Breeds
Calcium, Do I Supplement? -
The Beet Pulp Myth -
Viable Probiotics on Kibble -
The Problem With Mixing Different Brands of Food
A Healthy Gut The Basis of Wellness -
Selecting A Better Dog Food -
Puppy Guidelines
Whole Foods for Disease Prevention
My Dog Is A Picky Eater -
The Importance of Enzymes in a Diet -

Interview with Eagle Dog Foods - Page 1
Interview with Eagle Dog Foods - Page 2

Health Issues

A Guide to Recognizing Bone Diseases
Getting Help with HOD
Let's Talk About HOD -
Bloat and Allergies - It's Relationship Yeast -
Suggestions for Controlling a Yeast-Fungus Infection -
Systemic Yeast Infections - Candida Albicans -
Bladder Infections - UTI -
Natural Ways To Handle Orthopedic Pain -
Allergic Reactions to Antibiotics -
Vaccine Reaction Prevention -
Digestive Upset - Giardia Protozoa -
Reoccurring Ear Infections -

Orthopedic Growth Problems - Examples
Vaccine Reactions - Examples
HOD - Examples

General Care

Grief and Loss - Starting Over -
Saying Good-Bye

Blackwatch Puppy Vaccine Schedule -
Purchasing A Blackwatch Puppy -
On My Soapbox - Purdue Bloat Study -
In Preparation For A Litter -
Do I Crop My Puppy? -
When Do I Spay And Neuter? -
Ear Taping Instructions
Ear Taping Illustrations - to come
Ear Taping Photographs - to come


Disclaimer: This is an educational website. If you obtain information from this site, ask my opinion or assistance on health related issues and feeding suggestions, understand it should NOT be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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