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List of Great Dane Breeders

Breeder's Showcase

This is a list of Great Dane Breeders and many have been involved in this breed for over 30 years. Some kennels are newer to the breed, but have made some solid contributions to the breed as well. I am not endorsing any one in particular, simply listing breeders with a good track record, but the responsibility is yours to investigate the breeders when looking for a puppy. All of these breeders will have companion puppies (pets) as well as show puppies within each litter. All pets will be sold on limited registration and spay/neuter contracts.

A couple of suggestions when looking for a puppy.

  • First, it is your responsibility to screen the breeder, just as the breeder will screen you as a potential home.
  • When in doubt don't.....if you are uncomfortable with the breeder then don't buy.
  • I DO NOT suggest getting involved in co-ownerships or breeding arrangements/contracts with breeders, this will only lead to potential legal problems down the road.

Good luck on your hunt for a Great Dane.

Great Dane Rescues

For those individuals who are interested in adopting a Great Dane, the only word of caution I have is, I do not recommend getting a rescue dog unless it is a very young puppy, if you have very young children or toddlers. Nor do I recommend a teenage or adult great dane/giant breed with a toy breed.(see info below).

If you can locate a rescue puppy is NO older than 10 weeks, not an alpha (dominant) animal, or not super submissive, fear biter in the making, and does not have a high prey drive - then puppy (8-10 weeks) that has been properly socialized, handled etc. could get used to the movement of a "toddling" child, then it would be ok to get a puppy from a rescue. Remember dogs don't necessarily recognize this movement as a human (leader of the pack) they see it as prey and especially if it squeals of if they fall on the puppy and hurt it !!

That is why no older puppies should go into homes with toddlers unless they were raised with toddlers. - this is not negotiable so don't write and asked me to justify that cute 6 month old you found at a shelter. No child's life is worth losing or getting scarred just because you want a large dog.

The first 10 weeks of socialization and training are critical to keeping a giant breed with tiny dogs and young children, so I personally would not want to take that chance and feel a puppy 10 week - 16 weeks is a better option.

Here are some good rescues to consider:

Great Dane Rescue of Commonwealth Virginia -

Great Dane Club of America - Rescues

A Word Of Caution: Toy and Giant Breeds Together

I want to warn you about the problem of combining very small dogs and very large dogs in the same household. It is difficult at best to manage if you are a seasoned breeder and used to managing dog. I know of several situations over the years where a Dane has accidentally killed a tiny dog (Pomeranians, Yorkies, poodles) and they were absolute where the dogs were playing tug of war and the poodle accidentally got grabbed up in the process and was gone in the frenzy of dog play, before anyone knew what had happened. I lost a Pug to a Dane many years ago and they had been together for 10 years. I have a Pug now, but when it is time for them to go outside, the Pug and Sheltie go out together and the Danes go out another door to a different yard. I don't want the smaller dogs to get caught up in the frenzy of barking and playing in the yard and be killed by accident. So personally, I do not recommend a Giant breed with a toy breed, no matter how cute the combination may be...dogs are dogs and the squeak of a toy breed brings up primal urges and prey drives in our large guard dog breeds. I just don't recommend it.

Breeders Showcase for Other Breeds

I am in the process of providing a list of quality kennels of other breeds. For that information go to this link: OTHER BREEDS

Purchasing a Puppy from Blackwatch~Owlwatch Great Dane

Owlwatch Great Danes and Whippets

Phil and Jane Gray - fawns, black, blues
breeding, training, showing, handling
Muncie, Indiana
Purchasing an Owlwatch Puppy

We have been in the breed 35 years and produced champions in all 5 colors. We also are proud that we produced National Specialty winner and top producer: Multiple BIS BISS Ch. Owlwatch Aztec Sun (Andy). We do health checks and health guarantee on puppies. All our dogs are raised in the house and socialized, lead trained, crate trained and started on housebreaking and manners before they go into their new homes. Our current Focus is: showing and breeding, fawns, blacks, blue.

We are the proud owners of the GDCA National Specialty Winners - Winners Dog, Winners Bitch and Best Jr. in Futurity in 2002. But Phil is the one that teaches our puppies how to be comfortable on the furniture.....blame him!

Rafe and Phil napping
Rafe & Phil Singing - Gala joins in

DX Harlequin Great Danes

Pat & Bob Frank - Harlequin and Mantle
17630 East Rd., Hudson, Florida 34667

We have had Great Danes with us for the last 15 years. We first had Fawns and became serious when we brought home our imported Swedish Airways fawn male. We fell in love with the Harlequin color in 1994 and have stayed with that color. We began showing in
conformation in 1996 and begin owner handling each dog, then turning them over to a Professional Handler. Although we appreciate any worthy example of the breed, color or line, we are committed to the BMW look and line. Our objective is to recapture and/or preserve Laura Kiaulenas's BMW line from those golden years before her failing health. We have done OFA, Cardio, CERF, and Thyroid screenings on our dogs. We have also started Temperament Testing our dogs. University canine studies done on the issue and consequence of over vaccination have caused us to be very concerned and ultra conservative. When we place our puppies we provide a one-year genetic health guarantee with two years for their hips. We just whelped our "Zuni" sired litter and hope to have a special BMW bred litter in the late fall of 2002. Both of us belong to the Great Dane Club of America and the Great Dane Club of Mid-Florida where Bob has held several offices and is now the club President. He has taken several Judges Education courses and when he fulfills the AKC requirements he will apply for his Judges approval.

Hladik Great Danes and French Bulldogs - fawn, brindle, harle, mantle

Sharon and Robert Hladik
Hladik Great Danes
424 route 94
Columbia NJ 07832

Hladik Great Danes
Multiple BIS BISS CH Fawn,Brindle,Mantle,and Harlequin Great Danes
CH Fawn and Brindle Frenchies
Rescue info available

All our dogs are house dogs.Raised with children.We usually have a litter a year.We have shown on and off since 1983. I am currently a member of the Great Dane Club of America and VP of the Great Dane Club of Raritan Valley.I have held an office with the GDCRV for the past 10 years. I check all animals bred for hips, echo for heart disease,thyroid,and eye disease.I am now starting to also test for VWD and elbows. I guarantee in the case of a hereditary defect, which develops to the extent it renders the dog unsuitable as a pet within 2 years from the date of purchase. If this animal exhibits hereditary defects, which render it incapable of fulfilling its role of companion or obedience dog, it will be replaced. In this instance, a replacement dog of comparable value will be given as soon as one is available. We have bred several champions over the years. We have accomplished titles on our dogs for conformation championships.

Bellemarc Great Danes - fawns and brindle

Lucretia Marcus
600 Via Romero Lane
Alamo,California 94507

Health checks done are: CERF,Thyroid, cardiac, elbows,hips. Guarantee for inherited/genetic problems providing the owner has followed my protocols.Will take back if problems arise on a case by case basis. Pets are sold on a restricted registration. Been involved in several dog clubs,one all breed and three Dane clubs,including the GDCA.Former president of the Monterey Bay Great Dane club and on the board of directors of the Great Dane Club of Northern California. Formerly on the GDCA's Health and Welfare committee.I've had the honor of having two of my Champion specials in the GDCA's Top 20, including our first homebred champion,Bellemarc's The Painter of Light in 2001,the youngest in that class. He is also a Top 20 contender,so far,for 2002.

Stonehenge Great Danes - Black, Blue, Fawn, Brindle

Cathy De La Garza
Stonehenge Great Danes
810 avenue A
South Houston ,Texas 77587
phone number 713-9413350
email address

I am very involved dogs for 35 years and in clubs, judging, training dogs and involved in several All - Breed kennel clubs. I do health checks on my stock and do guarantee for hips, eyes, hearts, and thyroid for 3 years. I am proud of my small limited breeding program and intend to do more breeding and showing for the next 20 years. I also have a wire fox terrier program.

Willowrun Great Danes - Blacks and Blues
Phyllis A. Lockwood (aka Bronson)
685 Furnie Hammond Road
Clarendon, NC  28432

 (910) 653-3593
email address ~

The name Willowrun was derived from lovely graceful willow trees surrounding original kennel site 35 years ago. Not a new name, but unused for 20 years before I adopted it as my own. The original Willowrun Kennels had a fine reputation which I was warned not to ever sully--I've done my best not to, Willowrun has become synonymous with true to standard, typey, healthy specimens of the breed. Not affiliated with a club at this writing, have judged matches both in the States and abroad. Training is part and parcel of owning a giant breed, so give me high intelligence, stable temperament and soundness with efficiency of movement over a pretty face any day--But, ideally I want it all and all in one dog. First Dane was a pet shop harlequin--I could only go up from there! Goal as breeder was and still is to produce competitive consistently good blues consistently. Health checks when and as indicated. Guarantee against hereditary defects for first 2 years of dogs life--replacements only and I will take my kids back. Always there for my people and willing to work with a new comer to the breed. Featured accomplishments or brags ~ Youngest blue to ever finish in history of the breed; first blue to win BOS in GDCA Futurity, Willowrun's My Blue Heaven. Second to win Futurity also goes back to Willowrun as do so many of todays top black and blue pedigrees. Only Top 20 dog in USA to also go on to become Top dog in Europe, Int Rachel's Ravon Pal v Willowrun. I breed primarily pure color blues, occasionally pure color blacks combining American and European lines in the never ending search for that all illusive perfect specimen.

Danes of Lore - Fawns and Brindles

Lorraine Motherly
Lore Danes
Watsonville, California 95076
831-763-9467 - Website:

I strive to maintain sweet, gentle temperaments, beautiful faces/heads, giant size and a content, healthy family of Great Danes. The majority of my dogs are OFA Good with a total of four Excellent thus far. To date, I have not had cardio problems. All of my puppies are welcome home at any point in their lifetime for whatever reason. I guarantee (limited to refund of purchase price) against all debilitating health problems for the life of the dog. Currently am a member of the Great Dane Club of America, Great Dane Club of Northern California, Monterey Bay Great Dane Club and the Del Monte Kennel Club. In the past two years I have judged: the sweepstakes at the Great Dane Club of Las Vegas, a sanctioned match for the Great Dane Club of California, and the sweepstakes for the Old Dominion Kennel Club of Virginia. We sponsor obedience and conformation classes at our store and occasionally, I will step in to teach conformation. I have breeder/owner/handled three Great Danes to their championships and currently three more are nearing the finish. To date, I have owned/co-owned 8 champions. Bitches that I owned/co-owned have won the Great Dane Club of California Specialty three times (twice breeder/owner handled). One of my bitches was awarded a top brood bitch plaque from the GDCA for having produced four champions. In seventeen years, I have bred seven litters in my home, and co-bred three more.

Kenyon's at Dog Creek
Kitty Kenyon DVM
11075 E Sierra Ave
Clovis, California 93619

I have been a veterinarian and a Dane owner for 25 years. I started showing and breeding about 8 years ago. I breed blue and black Great Danes and my goal is to improve the conformation of these colors. I breed for structure and temperament as well as type. I am very big into performance sports and do obedience, rally and carting with my Danes.
I am a member of the GDCA, The GDC of Northern Calif, and the Fresno Dog Training Club.

All of my dogs have all their health checks- hips, elbows, cardiac echo, thyroid and eyes. I temperament test all of my breeders. I give a 2 year health guarantee on my puppies providing my guidelines are adhered to.

My puppies are raised in my kitchen and go to work with me so are very socialized by the time they leave my house. I do early neurological stimulation of my litters which aids their learning abilities. I have produced one American Champion and numerous International Champions. I have no BISS to boast about yet, but I will, and I have very sound Danes and wonderful temperaments to offer. I use the Blackwatch Feed Program for my puppies and recommend it for my puppy buyers.

SunStrike Great Danes - Fawn and Brindle

The SunStrike prefix came about after Jill Swedlow (formerly Sunnyside - 30 yrs in danes) and Joe and Pat McGoldrick (formerly Goldstrike) decided to pool efforts, our dogs and our expertise to breed under the SunStrike name. It's so much more fun to share our dogs than to just do our own thing! We strive for the best show quality possible but our primary emphasis is on health, longevity and temperament. We do not breed very often, only when we intend to keep a puppy or if we feel that we need to add to our line. Member of GDCA & GDCC. We do health checks and do guarantee my puppies as stated in my contract.

Jill Swedlow -
Joe & Pat McGoldrick -

Maitau Great Danes - Fawns - Brindle

Patricia Ciampa - Helen Cross - Tiffany Cross
14 Proctor Hill Rd P.O. Box 37
Hollis, New Hampshire 03049
603 465-3368 - 603 424-5626

Helen, Tiffany and I own nine Great Danes, four live with Helen and her family and five live with my Husband and myself. All of them are happy at either home and do visit often. We are members of the GDCA and the GDCofNE. Pat is licensed to judge Great Danes and has had the honor of Judging Bitches at the National Specialty. Tiffany has had several Sweepstake assignments and Helen has no interest in Judging.,All of our dogs have OFA hip clearances and have all had Cardiac clearances by a Cardiologist. We are very proud of all our dogs, but feel that our wins at the Nationals over the past years are special. We are also very proud of our dogs that have ROM titles and are top Producers with very limited breeding. We have owned or bred over 30 American Champions and have had multiple Obedience titled dogs as well. We do not have a web site as yet, but hope to in the future.

Danemark Danes - Fawns and Brindle

Karen Martin
St. Louis Missouri
Home of the first CH-TDX Great Dane
Breeder of 1997 National BOB winner
AmCanInt Ch Diamonds Canadion Style CD ROM


I have been involved in training and showing dogs since I was a teenager. But our dane involvement began when I met my husband Bernie. He already had a brindle boy named Tiger. After he lost Tiger he wanted to get another dane. He asked for my help in finding him a nice pet. Of course I had other plans and set out to find him his "pet" and have it also be one I could show. That's when we met Bev Swinford of Danemark Great Danes. She took us under her wing and we ended up with 2 from that litter. A male named AmInt Ch Danemark's Trace of Tiger CD CGC (Bernie's pet!!) and AmCanInt Ch Danemark's Trace of Lace CDX TDX Can CD TD CGC ROM. She ended up being our foundation bitch and everything we have today goes back to one or the other of these two littermates. Lacey [Karen Martin] and her daughter, Grace, are the youngest AKC titled dane in our[Karen Martin] breeds history by earning [Karen Martin] their [Karen Martin] TD’s on [Karen Martin] their 6 month [Karen Martin] birthdays. [Karen Martin] Lacey was also the first [Karen Martin] CH TDX Great Dane in the history of our breed. I told Bev from the beginning about all the things I wanted to do with Lacey. Of course I got the reaction that I did from almost all dane people at that time!! "You can't train a dane to do that!!". As you can see, I can train a dane to do all that!! I am also very heavily involved in training for agility now. I love being able to do other things with my dogs besides show in the conformation ring. It is my goal to be able to breed dogs that can excel in all the different aspects of dog ownership. We have bred a total of [Karen Martin] 30 American Champions, [Karen Martin] 13 Can Champions and [Karen Martin] 27 performance titles! We also have either owned or bred [Karen Martin] 4 dogs who have achieved a ROM from our parent club. That means they have produced a certain number of champion get. Our foundation bitch Lacey is the mother of the 1997 National specialty BOB winner, AmCanInt Ch Diamonds Canadion Style CD CGC ROM. We are very proud of all of our kids accomplishments.


Temira Great Danes - Fawns and Brindle

Colleen Assell-Carra
Address 1518 N. Gleneagle Drive,
Garner, North Carolina 27529
phone number 919-662-1763
email address:

I started in the Great Dane world with my parents, Winkie and Jim Assell under the kennel name WinJamer Great Danes(31 yrs in danes). My husband, Nick and I now have my own kennel name of Temira Great Danes. My first bitch and our foundation bitch was Ch. Mountdania'a Ms Avant-Garde that we purchased from Anna Mary Kauffman and Liz Brenner. Avan produced numerous champions, a top #5 bitch (Ch. WinJamer's Hells Justa Poppin) and many of her offspring started numerous kennels. One of her daughters, Ch. Calico Rock's Carly v WinJamer was the foundation bitch for one of the biggest kennels in the southern U.S., that is Calico Rock kennels. We only breed one to two litters every other year, to continue our line. We do not breed just for selling of dogs. We have all of our dogs OFA'd or PennHip for their hips. We also have health checks for Thyroid, cardiac ultra sound, CERF eyes, Von Willebrand. We guarantee healthy puppies, if a problem arises, we work with the people to resolve the problem and take care of the dog or refund part of their money (depends on the time frame of ownership) and return of the dog to us. We always take back our puppies if the owners can not keep them for some reason. We will try to find a good home for the dog, if not, then we keep the dog for its life. We belong to the GDCA and the GDCRV. Show in the conformation ring, train, raise all of my dogs. Teaching this last litter of pups for CGC and Obedience.
I started out in Junior Showmanship and have been competing in the breed ring for many years. Handling all of my own dogs and finishing their Championship on my own. We are known for breeding elegant typy dogs with beautiful head pieces and long dark masks. I have been a Sweepstakes judge for a few Dane Specialty shows in past years.

WinJamer Great Danes - Fawns and Brindles

Wilhelmina "Winkie" Assell
1107 Lake Royale, Louisburg, North Carolina 27549
phone number 252-478-3866

I started in the Great Dane world with my husband, Jim and my daughters, Colleen and Jill under the kennel name WinJamer Great Danes. We use to live in New Jersey, but have been in North Carolina for many years. My first dog was a brindle male from the Beaudane Kennels. Our first bitch and our foundation bitch was Ch. Mountdania'a Ms Avant-Garde that we purchased from Anna Mary Kauffman and Liz Brenner. Avan produced numerous champions, a top #5 bitch (Ch. WinJamer's Hells Justa Poppin) and many of her offspring started numerous kennels. One of her daughters, Ch. Calico Rock's Carly v WinJamer was the foundation bitch for one of the biggest kennels in the southern U.S., that is Calico Rock kennels. We only breed one to two litters every other year, to continue our line. We do not breed just for selling of dogs. We have all of our dogs OFA'd or PennHip for their hips. We also have health checks for Thyroid, cardiac ultra sound, CERF eyes, Von Willebrand. We guarantee healthy puppies, if a problem arises, we work with the people to resolve the problem and take care of the dog or refund part of their money (depends on the time frame of ownership) and return of the dog to us. We always take back our puppies if the owners can not keep them for some reason. We will try to find a good home for the dog, if not, then we keep the dog for its life. We belong to the GDCA and the GDCRV. Show in the conformation ring, train, raise all of my dogs. I started out as a novice owner, have met many wonderful people that have helped us along the way with their experience and knowledge. Have bred numerous litters that produced many champions and have helped to keep the Great Dane breed quality alive. We are known for breeding elegant typy dogs with beautiful head pieces and long dark masks. I have done all of the qualifying judging and stewarding that needs to be done in order to apply for my judging license. Currently, I have not applied for my judging license. I have been a Sweepstakes judge for quite a few Dane Specialty shows in past years. I have been on the GDCA board in past years and served on the Futurity committee in the past.
Colors you breed. Fawns and Brindles

Krisda Great Danes - Fawns and Brindles

Susan E. Yotive
11600 St. Rt. 736, Marysville, Ohio 43040

Breeding on a limited basis all puppies are guaranteed in writing to be free of hereditary defects, parents are OFA, Cerf'd, and heart checked. Pet puppies are sold on limited registration. I belong to the GDCA, Heart of Ohio Great Dane Club & Wolverine Great Dane Club. I am licensed to judge Great Danes & Junior Showmanship. Although I have had many wonderful Great Danes and each has been special. I am proudest of my CH. Krisda's Bastet, ROM, dam of 6 Champions. and BISS CH. Sarmac's I've Arrived, a top 20 contender for 2000 and a sire of 10 Champions to date.

Sandale Great Danes - Fawn and Brindles

Dale Suzanne Tarbox
P.O.Box 164

With limited breeding of quality Danes, I have managed to produce 34 champions and several Top Twenty, and top producing Danes. I am proudest of my BISS CH Sandale's What A Guy, ROM, Hall of Fame, GDCA. He produced 35 American champions with limited breeding. All of my Danes are companions first, show dogs second. I am currently the chairperson of the GDCA's Judges Education committee and I am an AKC licenced judge of Great Danes and Doberman Pinchers. All of the Danes I use in breeding are health checked for hips, heart ,eyes and thyroid. I have always guaranteed the health and temperament of my Danes. I have never had to replace one, but would if the situation ever happened. I am proud to have been chosen by my peers to do Specials at the 1990 National, only a few years after obtaining my license to judge. I am also proud to have bred several top producers.

Chanoz Great Danes - Harlequin and Mantle

Lori Beilke
N10998 Maple Rd.
Birnamwood, Wisconsin

Chanoz strives to breed Great Danes that meet the Standard set by AKC. We have added another breed to our home the Border Terrier. :-) We will strive to meet the AKC standard for this breed also. We are a member of the Heart of Minnesota Great Dane club and also the Great Dane Club of America. Do you do health checks - if so state something about it in your paragraph We have our dogs checked for heart, eyes, thyroid, and hips before we use them for breeding. Do you have a guarantee - if so state something about it in the paragraph
We gurantee our pups for the first 72 hours after purchase and have a health exam for the pups by our Vet before they leave and ask the owners do the same in the 72 hours tiem they have to return the dog if ther eis a problem with the health of the puppy. No other guarantee is given except in the case of a proven hereditary defect, which develops to the extent it renders this dog unsuitable as a show dog or pet ( which ever the dog was purchased as with in two years from the date of birth. I ask that my Vet can confirm any reports of a problem before a dog would be replaced. We have 6 champions and Riverwood's Eva is major pointed and recieved a RWB win at our National in TX when she was 11 months old and when she was 4 months old she was Best in Sweeps at the Illini Speicalty. Ch. Chanoz's Chosen One recieved an Award of Merit this past year at ther 2001 Nationals in PA after beign moved up cause he had finshed a few weeks before that with three four point major wins in a four weekend show curciut. The day he did not win the points he recieved RWD. We have a girl named Chanoz Great Adventure living with Judith Lascola that is competing in Agility, flyball and Freestyle and is doing very well. We also have a new Champion Ch. Terraholm Denim Jacket. We have had her since May and have taken her to a few shows after she settled into her new home. She obtained some points at those shows and we decided to enter her in the 5 Day Waukesha Curcuit. When we went Deni had 7 points with one major and the fisrt two Days were 5 point major shows and she won them both and finished owner handled. :-) Colors you breed.

Dane Affaire - Fawn and Brindle

Laura Munro
Citrus Heights, California

The Dane Affaire is a small kennel where the focus is on improving and maintaining the balance of temperament, health and longevity as well as quality in the breed. I health test all my breeding dogs for hips, elbows, thyroid, heart and eye defects. I also test as many of their littermates as possible. I breed sparingly, with careful selection of dogs exhibiting the companion qualities I value as well as conformance to the breed standard.

James and Carie Woods - Austin Texas
Danewoods Great Danes

Danewoods Great Danes is NOT a commercial kennel; I am a small hobby breeder. My sole purpose when I breed is to produce something very specific and special for myself, in order to show and improve the Great Dane breed. Our goal is to produce Danes with excellent temperaments, size, and substance that are well balanced, athletic & physically sound. I keep 1 or 2 puppies for myself, and the rest are sold as pets and show prospects. Our puppies are available to approved show & pet homes. All pets are placed with limited registration and spay/neuter contract. Health & hips are guaranteed.
Danewoods Great Danes always has first pick(s), and we have the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone for any reason.

TBD Danes - Black and Blue

A.J. Greenberg
528 E. Avenida San Juan
San Clemente, California 92672
Tel: 714-296-3716

I currently own a stud dog, BIS/BISS Am./Intl CH. Houston’s Black Market Liquid Asset ("Cash"), and own a black puppy bitch who is being shown on a limited basis this year (Longo-Brown’s LA Dolce Vita). My first blue dane is a full sister to the 1999 Futurity, Blue Chips Ivy League ("Ditto") and she is now 7.5 years old. Member, Great Dane Club of CA. All my danes are obedience trained, and I plan to work with them towards obedience titles. My special interest is in researching nutritional and health needs of the Great Dane with a priority on health in any breeding I have a hand in. I do the following health checks: OFA HD, CERF, MSU Thyroid, OFA Cardio, Von Willowbrand at minimum and others if needed. I require any bitches bred to my dog to complete all of the above health checks, and ask all puppy buyers to agree to health checking puppies at 2 years of age. We also have a replacement clause for any genetic defects found in the first two years, although breed very infrequently. "Cash" is the first BIS blue dane dog in history, and is showing in the breed on a limited basis at 5.5 years of age. He is a multiple breed and group winning dog, placing #13 for Great Dane in Working Group for 2001. He recently earned a BOS at the past San Diego Specialty. Cash will be shown on a limited basis as a veteran in 2003.

Daynakin Great Danes - Fawns and Brindle

Georgia Hymmen
7645 Woodland Road
Ferndale, Washington, 98248

I've been breeding fawns and brindles since 1974. I've had over 25+ AKC champions, numerous Canadian Champions and a number of obedience titled dogs. I am a member of the GDCA, GDCWW, WVGDC, WGDC of BC and the Mt. Baker KC. I teach pet obedience classes, new exhibitor seminars. I am one of the founders of Dane Outreach, a Washington state rescue program.All my bitches are OFA hips & elbows, OFA Cardiac, CERF, and thyriod tested.
I guarentee a healthy puppy at time of sale, and against hip dysplasia and wobblers.


Shades of Excellence Great Danes - Blue and Black

Cynthia & David Lutz
2289 Rockshire Lane
Hickory, NC 28602
(828) 294-0670

Shades of Excellence is a reflection of our desire to produce Excellent Quality blue and black Danes. We have been active in the Great Dane Breed since 1996, when we purchased our first blue Dane, Magics Shades of Grey. We are active members of the following organizations: The Great Dane Clubs of America and Canada, The Greater Hickory Kennel Club, the Ohio Dane Rescue, and the Association of Great Dane Fanciers in Canada. Our breeding program
is very selective and we breed one litter every two years. Our Goals are to breed for health, temperament, longevity, and structural soundness. We screen for Cardio, OFA, Thyroid, and Cataracts. All our puppies go out under strict contract and/or limited registration whether they are show or companion. We screen all our prospective adopters to ensure they have what
is required to raise, grow, and maintain a healthy, happy Great Dane for his/her lifetime. Our first breeding success story is CH Shades A Shot In The Dark aka "Magnum" who was a singleton puppy. Magnum has taken three BOB out of winners class in Canada, and one BOB out of winners class in the US, owner handled. At ten months he was RWD at the Canadian Dane National, and this year he was RWD at the American National. Magnum finished his AM CH with a 5 point major in Sarasota FL. beautifully handled by Jeff Lawrence. If you wish to see our upcoming litter out of Magnum, visit us at:

Sunrise Great Danes - Fawns and Brindle

Melissa Dreyer
Budd lake, NJ 07828

Have been involved in dogs since I was 8 years old, started in our local 4-h club, doing basic obedience, learning about dog care and training. We also got involved in the seeing eye puppy raising project and successfully trained 3 guide dogs for them,as a teenageer, I was awarded nationally in dog care and training,and veterinary science through 4-H.
We began raising and showing Golden retrievers, in 1980 and have owned and bred several champions and a few obedience titled goldens, one a top 10 hall of fame group winner.
My parents had a dane, a brindle male from kitty koyler before I can even remember him being around, and in high school I worked at a horse farm that had two huge blue danes, I knew then I wanted one. Busy with the goldens, we continued and still have two of them 23 yrs later, but haven't shown or bred them in over 5 years, our hearts are with the danes now.
We have had danes only 10 years now, but have had much success,and luck I think, with our breeding program so far. We have bred and owned several champions, and have had the pleasure of having two Top 20 danes. We have been blessed with soundness,health
and longevity so far, and strive to maintain that in each future breedings we do. We stirve to produce friendly, outgoing,confident,sweet tempered dogs,and screen our breeding stock for health problems that arise in these areas, hips, eyes, heart, thyroid. Our pups are sold
with written contracts, containing information on their care, and the warranties we provide on our dogs for hereditary defects. Our dogs are members of our family, and are raised in our house. Our puppies are born in our family room, and are socialized from day one. We are proud of what we have accomplished and contributed so far, to this breed. I belong to several dog clubs, I am a member of the GSGRC, GRCA (goldens) and am a member and officer of the GDCRV for the last 8 years, and GDCA. Our hopes are to do enough good for this breed, and contribute positively to ensure it a healthy future, by breeding properly and educating the folks who not only buy our pups, but who we cross paths with as well. They say once you own a dane, you will always have one, I truly believe that, and can't imagine ever being without one in our lives.

Goldstrike Great Danes -  fawns and brindle


Hello we are  Joe and Pat McGoldrick  from Phoenix,Az. Members of the Great Dane Club Of Az.  We have owned and loved Great Danes since 1976  and began exhibiting Danes in 1996.  We  Breed occasionally,  Fawn & Brindle with conformation health and Temperament our goal.

Sunglo Danes - Canada

Dave & Vicky Lanyon
Box 747 Pouce Coupe ,
BC Canada V0C 2C0

Over 28 years as fawn & Brindle breeders , Sunglo Danes is a permanent registered name with the Canadian kennel Club: We classify ourselves as hobby breeders who've achieved  our share of success over the years; Breeders of Canadian  & American Champions, specialty  winners; BPIS & BIS danes, Selectively breeding a litter occasionally, never more than one a year, more likely every two years. All pups are house raised  & health clearances  are done on dogs prior to using  them in our breeding program. We require our contract to be signed by the client prior to purchasing a puppy from us. We stand behind our danes  & are available 24/7 to our clients.  Pets are sold on a spay neuter or non Breeding contract.Selling to a show minded home is what we  want for a promising puppy, but isn't the major requirement for purchasing a dane from us, a loving responsible home for the life of the dog is !  Our home is presently shared with 6 danes, from seniors to youngsters, all are  special and part of the family. Members of the CKC, GDCC & FSJ&D all breed club.

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