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Artist’s Statement

I left Cranbrook Academy of Art a naive but enthusiastic young artist, soon to become an art educator. I saw myself first, as an Artist (with a big "A"), and second as an educator. It did not take long for me to realize anyone can pick up a book and learn about clay, it’s history and the techniques of building, glazing and firing. But it takes being a educator to help young artists learn to know who they are, and what they are saying in their work. The fact is, I am an Educator first and an artist second, and I use clay as the vehicle to help students find their own voice, regardless of the medium. (Seascape Bowl - Procelain Inlay 2 inches - 1995)

I approach my working in clay, much like that of a child as he/she grabs paper and crayons to creates for the pure joy of making something, with no concern for others opinions, whether or not it will be viewed as "good" art or will stand the test of time. I feel fortunate that as an adult, I have been able to create objects with clay and still do so with the delight and joy of a small child.

In my own work, I use clay as a vehicle for my ideas, much like a painter uses a canvas. I prefer using porcelain and whiteware clay bodies because of the inherent qualities of elegance, delicacy and sensuousness, all qualities I feel are important for the visual and emotional impact of my work.

As you wander through any of my exhibits, or view the work at this website, you will notice that my "visual file" of preferential images, consists of the sphere (circle), cube (square), triangle, egg shape and wavering lines. These reoccurring images talk about the "cycles of life," through a variety of themes that suggest aquatic, celestial, microbial and floral life forms. The highly patterned and embellished surfaces are often reminiscent of constellations, kaleidoscopes and celebrations and have a provocative, seductive and feminine quality about them.

The metamorphic or transformative qualities in my work, are about growth, change, and enlightenment and reinforces the power of life and how special it can be. It is my hope, for one brief, breathless moment , the viewer will experience the feelings of awe and wonder, much like that of a small child.

Linda Arndt

Biography - Linda Arndt, Professor Emeritus

June of 2006, Linda retired after 34 years at Ball State University to continue her art work and her consulting business. She established Blackwatch Nutritional Consulting LLC to work with holistic dog food, supplement companies and pet owners to design supplements and food programs that promote wellness and longevity for companion animals.

Education: BFA is from San Francisco Art Institute, MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Michigan. Linda has an extensive exhibition record, and respected internationally with over 68 Solo Exhibitions, 803 International, National, Juried and Invitational Exhibits and over 450 Regional State and Local Juried and Invitational Exhibitions.

In 2001 she had a Retrospective exhibition at the Minnetrista Cultural Center which represented many years in clay including 80 works from various public and private collections.Her Ceramic work is represented in Corporate, Public and Private collections including Cranbrook Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Art the Shaw and Pffenbacher Contemporary Clay Collections, and numerous University, Museum and overseas Collections.

You will find her work well represented in various ceramic publications such as Ceramic Art and Perception and numerous Craft periodicals and Design textbooks. He work is internationally known and respected.

Linda is the recipient of the first Ball State Outstanding Creative Endeavor Award,
has been featured on the cover of Arts Indiana as well as has served on the Indiana Arts Commission several times. She has lectured nationally and overseas and been the recipient of numerous Creative Arts Grants.

Professor Arndt has been honored by the Ball State University Golden Key Honor Society and Mortar Board Honor Society for Outstanding Educator 1994, 1996 and 2003. She was nominated in 1997 for the Indiana Governor's Art Award and Who’s Who of American Women and Who’s Who in American Art.

Metamorphosis Retrospective Exhibit
Show Entrance
Left: Jane Gray, Linda Arndt, Dr. Anne Lindsey, Janie Bennett - Best Friends
30 Year Retrospective Exhibit Reception at
Minnetrista Cultural Center.
Matthew and Patty Clouse
with Linda Arndt
"The Three Graces"
me and my older sisters
Linda's Men - former students now professional and university educators.
Pirate Socks
Kaleidoscope Plate - 23"

Lowfire Whiteware
Multiple Firings
Kaleidoscope Plate for David 23"
Lowfire Whiteware
Multiple Firings
Kaleidoscope Plate #22
Lowfire Whiteware
Multiple Firings


River Plate - 25"
Lowfire Whiteware
Zebra Plate - 16"
Lowfire Whiteware
Multiple Firings
Seascape Pillow
Lowfire Whiteware
Multiple Firings



Cloud Sphere
Lowfire Whiteware - Unglazed

Private Collection

Ruffle Sphere
Porcelain and Inlay

Owned by Cranbrook Museum
of Art

Seascape Bowl
Porcelain and Luster

Owned by Cranbrook Museum
of Art




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