Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

Dealing with Cataracts The Natural Way

I personally have little experience with a pet with cataracts, but I have found something that offers great hope and can be extremely beneficial for pet owners alike. This is something well worth investigating. There has been some published clinical research done on the effects of N-Acetylcarnosine a natural substance, that is shown to reverse the effects of cataracts and glaucoma.

The product is called NU-EYES tm and and be purchased on line. There is also a link to all the research information at this website as well. there are several knockoffs of this product so make sure you use this one because it is the only one with actual research behind it. (Info and links at website).


At the time I wrote this article, I was told by my eye doctor that I had a start of a cataract in my left eye, which I could tell, and found it very irritating at times. I originally purchased this product for myself after dealing with this cataract for 18 months I decided to try it. As of my last check up - with 5 months use of Nu-Eyes twice a day, my cataract is gone!!!! It is well worth the try for yourself or your pet.

Please let me know if you decided to use this on your pet, or yourself and we can put your story up on this page.

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