Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

Do Not Mix Dog Food Brands

Dangers of Mixing Dog Foods

It is very important NOT to mix different brands of dog foods together, or even mix the same brand name, but different products within the line. An example of this would be mixing an adult and senior food of the same company, or mixing two brands i.e. Innova and Eagle together. Because every type of food developed by each company is "designed" nutritionally on a nutrient matrix system of vitamins/minerals/amino acids, it is critical to maintain the integrity of that nutrient panel in order for the food to be balance. When you move one element in that nutrient panel, it effects all the elements and therefore adjustments must be made in order for the food to be re-balanced.

When you mix two foods you will cause excesses and deficiencies in certain nutrients, as well as disrupt the delicate balance of the food, especially the minerals composition which is critical to the body's metabolic and skeletal systems. These deficiencies or excesses may not be evident immediately in an adult dog, but they will manifest in a slow deterioration of the animals health and reproduction capabilities over time. As we know from past experience, it does not take long for the body to exhibit dietary problems in a young growing animal (HOD, OCD, Pano).

To prevent these imbalances, stay with one "type" (puppy, adult, senior, etc.) of food at a time, and more importantly stay with one super premium brand of food. The use of whole foods; fruits, veggies, meat or canned meats, probiotics/digestive enzymes and dietary enzymes will enhance a diet without unbalancing it. It is fine, on an adult dog to rotate flavors for example, if feeding Eagle Holistic Chicken, when that bag is finished you can rotate to Eagle Holistic Fish or Duck for variety.

See: Blackwatch Puppy Feed Program or Adult Feed Program

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