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HELP, My Pet Has Seizures

Help, My Pet Has Seizures

It is my experience that seizures can be caused by many things: injury, diet, over vaccination, toxins in the body, genetics, environmental - exposure to chemicals, used on grasses, farm lands, cleaning agents in the home etc.

My recommendation is to first have a thyroid test done - T3 and T4 - and if the results says even a low normal, you still treat with daily medication. Many thyroid cases are prone to seizures and also have serious skin problems which get diagnoised as allergies when in fact they are secondary infections called Systemic Yeast Infections.

Next, I would switch to a better diet - a comprehensive Feed Program. If you go to ARTICLES on the left of this page, it will take you to the index that has Feed Programs for every size, breed, age and condition.

Many low grade dog foods lack important micro minerals to run the bodies metabolism and are also full of toxins or lacking in critical microminerals. Therefore a better brand of food - Eagle Holistic line is my preference, along with using the Nzymes to detoxify the toxins, will help your pet considerably. This is a slow process so do not get impatient - info is in all my feed program.

This is my Feed Program for Seizures. Many people have had great success with this program.

It will take a month at least to get all this working so you may not see any results for 30 - 60 days, but it is well worth the try. Several have had great success with this in lessening the seizures and some have stopped completely. Continue with your medicine from the vet, but when and if there are changes in amount and severity of seizures, consult the vet about reducing or eliminating the medicine for these seizures.

Again, without doing a whole approach to this problem - thyroid check, brand of food, Nzymes and trace minerals, there is not much hope for improvement.

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