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Mending A Tail

The following is a great method for healing tails that have split open from banging them on crates or walls. You will need the following materials:

1. One (1) "O" metal ring, approximately 1" in diameter.

1" Diameter "O" Ring.

2. A roll of "Zonas" Porous Tape (ear taping tape, 1" wide.)

3. One snap hook that swivels.

Swivel Snap Hook

4. A piece of soft fabric, like fur, terry cloth or an old sweat shirt. Tear into a 2" or 3" strip, long enough to tie around the loin.


1. Take a 10" long piece of "Zonas" Tape and tape around the tail one (1) inch behind the open wound. This should be taped in a section about 3" wide. It is important to make sure this is not taped tight. If it is too tight it will cut off the blood supply and the tail could drop off! Gently lay the tape around the tail, then attached the "O" Ring with a piece of 1/2" tape to the previously taped area. Leave the would exposed to air out.

Diagram showing attachment of "Zonas" Tape & "O" Ring


2. Slip swivel snap hook on to a 2" - 3" piece of soft fabric and tie around the dog's loin. Not too tight as there must be some freedom to move the tail aside to potty. Yes, they can do it - now IF they will potty, that's a different issue!!

Finally, bring the tail under the belly and snap the "O" Ring to the swivel snap as shown in the diagrams to the right and below.

Attach Swivel Snap to "O" Ring.

Completed procedure should look like the diagram above.

3. Check this daily and make adjustments as necessary. Watch for any irritation. Consult with your veterinarian for care of the open wound. This may take a month to heal, but this will help to stabilize the area that is wounded and will allow it to dry out and heal up.

Here is a great gel to put on the tail to make it heal fast. It's called EMT Gel or Spray and you can get it at TSC (Tractor Supply) or order it on line.

The Nzymes mentioned in other articles on this website will also help in the healing process. It speeds up the process of tissue and muscle repair. I must give credit to P. J. Gray of Owlwatch Danes for this ingenious idea. It works and most dogs do not seem to mind it. Good Luck!

For more information on basic care, nutrition, vaccine reaction prevention and comprehensive feed programs for puppies, adults, orthopedic repair, allergies, systemic yeast, bloat etc. click on the ARTICLES page and scroll through the index.

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