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Panties for Dogs in Season, or Leaking Urine - Incontinence

If your dog has a problem with incontinence due to old age or being spayed too early, then here are two options you have to get a handle on this problem. One is a homeopathic remedy by Natural Canine, for more info go here:

The second option you have is to use dog panties called Seasonals. Start by putting them on for short periods of time and while you are there to constantly praise and tell your dog how beautiful or handsome they look. Reward with a healthy treat when they are prancing around in their panties. Do this several times a day at first and before you know it, they will start to leave them on because they think they are special!! Here is a great source for panties for large/giant breeds. For small - medium breeds you can find things at a pet store or online.

Seasonals® Pants for dogs in HEAT & INCONTINENT dogs

Seasonals® are the original fitted pant for dogs in season and incontinent dogs. Since 1989 Seasonals® have been helping keep pet owners' homes free of stains and odor. Our loyal customers include dog breeders, families with older dogs, purebred dog owners, puppy owners. Seasonals® even fit cats and male dogs.

Here are some of the advantages:
All cotton material allows dog's skin to breathe for comfort and wearability.
Machine washable. Hang to dry.
Adjustable velcro waist keeps dog comfortable and provides perfect fit.
Soft cotton flannel lining won't damage dog's hair coat or chafe its skin.
Durable on even the most active dogs.
USA-made top quality stitching.
For use with any self-adhesive sanitary pad.
Guaranteed satisfaction.
Recycled paper box with full instructions.
Custom orders.

Seasonals® are easy to use. Simply place any self-adhesive sanitary napkin in the space provided under the tail hole. Then slip the Seasonals® over the dog's tail and secure snugly around the body using the adjustable velcro closures.

What stands us apart from the rest is the experience we have in ensuring the proper fit for each breed. Seasonals® stay on, wear comfortably and are a good value, washing after washing. Also, our experience has shown us what kinds of fabrics consumers prefer. We have met the needs of thousands of satisfied customers since 1989.

For sizes, colors and pricing, visit our:
To order your pair today or to get more information, call:

1-800-767-6567 or FAX: 734-994-0243 or email:
or mail to: Sojourner Farms; P. O. Box 8062; Ann Arbor, MI 48107
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