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Preparing For A New Litter


These are the things you should have on hand when you are about to have a new litter, just in case you run into problems. Better safe than sorry, they say. This is a way to treat illness, diarrhea without antibiotics, which destroy the intestinal flora of the gut in the process of killing off any pathogens. All products are safe for newborns.

  • Oxy-Drops - to kill bad bacteria or virus and can be given internally, in a colonic or a vaporizer.

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Guidelines for Using Oxy-Drops


- for newborns to establish good intestinal flora. I have found a remarkable probiotic product for newborns called PET INOCULANT by Dr. Wysong, and I cannot impress upon you enough, the importance of using this on your newborn puppies to establish intestinal flora and fight E. coli bacteria and the potential for fading puppies. Pet Inoculant is a liquid probiotic and enzyme in a pump container. The shelf life is short so keep it cool and order about 14 days before your bitch is due to whelp. Instructions come with this product. No breeder should be without this product. To purchase Pet Inoculant call: Wysong Corporation 1-900-748-0188 or go to
I start my litteres on the Pet Inoculant, then after two weeks I switch to BakPakPlus and put a small amount in the palm of my hand, mix with a little tepid water and put a little on each puppy's tongue, every other day. Then when they are 8 weeks old I switch them over to the 4 in 1 Probiotics

BakPakPlus (probiotics/digestive enzymes) and 4 in 1 Probiotics (probiotics/digestive enzymes, vitamin C and barley grass vegatation) can be purchased through - 765-284-8288.

Approximate amounts to feed pregnant bitches (giant breeds):

63 day gestation = 9 weeks

Use a holistic food with a moderate protein 23-25% and moderate fat of 12%-15% - feed their normal amount for the first 4 weeks to make sure she is pregnant. (example: Precise Foundation or Precise Holistic Complete Large/Giant Breed Adult). You do not want her to get fat before you know for sure she is pregnant. Then you can just increase the amount of food, or if you know it is a large litter, then move up to a protein that is 26-28% with a fat content that is 15%-18% range for the rest of the pregnancy AND for 3 months after so she has the calories to repair after the body. (example: use the Precise Holistic Complete Sm and Med Adult Food (27% protein 17% fat). Forget the title and look at protein/fat content that is needed for larger litters. I do not recommend any Grain Free Foods for pregnancy because no companies have done feed trials on these diets as of 2012.

If a dog's coat looks bad after pregnancy that means they are nutritionally depleated and that is not good. Shedding coat is not unusua,l but it should return quickly if feed a better diet which helps minimize any hair loss.

Example for giant breed litter:

Week 1 - 4 Feed the normal amount in cups that you are currently feeding.

week 5 - add 1 cup AM and 1 cup PM = total 2 more cups a day
week 6 - add 2 cups AM and 2 cups PM = total 4 more cups per day
week 7 - add 3 cups AM and 3 cups PM = total 6 more cups per day.
week 8 add 4cups AM and 4 cups PM = total 8 more cups per day.

This is generally sufficient for the last two weeks of the pregnancy and nursing. If she is still ravenous, or has a big litter it is best to switch up Precise Holistic Complete Sm and Med Adult (27% protein 17% fat).

It is important to increase their friendly bacteria - Probiotic intake during pregnancy and lactation, you can use 4 in 1 Probiotics or 4 in 1 Probiotics Plus with veggies and fruit.

Also the use of Nzymes - antioxidant enzymes, are critical to any diet regardless of brand of food you feed. This product replaces the enzymes lost in the processing of commercial foods and needs to be replenished throughout the life of the dog. The stress of pregnancy requires an additional dose. This is what I use along with 4 in 1 Probiotics to prevent vaccine reactions. I start using this when they are weaned..just do not double dose..ease them into it.

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