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When you are introducing one of the Blackwatch CORE 4 Kits to your pet's daily routine, it is very important to ease into this program. Detoxing the body too quickly (human or animal) will cause flu like symptoms including loose stools, itchy skin, nausea and lethargy. Here is a schedule to help prevent this in your pet.

NOTE: the dosages used in this illustration are for giant breeds - the principle is the same for large, medium and small breeds start with maintenance level dose, and dose by weight according to the label, on the Nzymes bottles. Biopet Nzymes recommend that you double dose these products when you start. I causes detox too quickly, so and ease into the first few days so detoxification is easy on the dog. The bottles say to feed before or after meals, that is NOT necessary you can put it right on their food I have fed it this way for almost
30 yrs.
 In summary we ease into a maintenance dose, then double dose for two weeks, then back to a maintenance dose of Biopet Nzymes Granular orTreats

Example Below - How To Ramp Up:

Giant Breed Adult - "Ramping up for Detox" (with food AM and PM)

Day 1 & 2:

Day 3 & 4:

Day 5 - 7:

Day 8 (for 2 weeks)

If your pet has a loose stool, back off a little on the Nzymes and ease into it again. After the 2 weeks of double dosing you will go back to a maintenance dose once or twice a day, and keep him on this amount if this is a large/giant breed.

Smaller breeds reduce dosage, go by container recommendations and ramp up the same way.

Nzymes and Ox-E-Drops can be purchased at: - or call 1-765-284-8288

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