Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

Switching To The Blackwatch Feed Program

How To Change Over - Schedule

When changing to any feed program it is important to do so somewhat gradually. The only exception to this is on a large/giant breed puppy because you need to do this quickly and using probioitics so you do not disrupt their fast growth patterns. This can be done in 3 feedings rather than 3 or more days, which is necessary on an older dog.

Use probiotics anytime you transition to a new food. Some adults my exhibit a detoxifying effect if previously on a grocery store level food, this will result in a soft stool. This detoxifying effect does not happen to all dogs, only a few...but we move slow to make changes with the ultimate goal of having them on a more healthful path within 7-10 days. This is the order I recommend incorporating each supplement into your dogs diet.

Puppies - 8 weeks - 6 months (especially large/giant breeds)

Change Kibble - My preference is Eagle Pack Brands of Holistic or Super Premium.

Day One:
First meal: 1/3 new food - 2/3 old food
Second meal 1/2 new food - 1/2 old food
Third meal: 1/2 new food - 1/2 old food
Fourth meal : 3/4 new food - 1/4 old food

Day Two:

First meal : 3/4 new food - 1/4 old food
Second meal: 3/4 new food - 1/4 old
Third meal : all new food - toss the old food or donate do not feed it out!

Older Puppies - Adults

Day One:
First meal: 1/4 new food - 3/4 old food
Second meal 1/3 new food - 2/3 old food

Day Two:
First meal: 1/2 new food - 1/2 old food
Second meal: same

Day Three: 3/4 new food - 1/4 old food

Day Four: All New Food - throw out old or donate it, do not feed it out!!!

Canned dog food- For example, use a good brand such as Eagle Holistic line of canned dog foods can be used starting the first day. Start with 2-4 tablespoons with a little tepid water for a gravy.

throw out the old brand food or donate it to the shelter near you. DO NOT feed it in combination with your new kibble or diet plan over a long period of time and disrupt the balance of the food. If you do it will slow the progress down considerably.

Day 1 - add Probiotics/Digestive Enzymes in AM and PM to ease transition

products: First Choice Naturals - 4 in 1 Probiotics OR BakPakPlus info for ordering is in Feed Programs.

Day 4 - add Nzymes - Dietary Enzymes - of all the supplement, this one has the most detoxifying effect but does the MOST good. Follow dosage on the bottle and if a diarrhea develops reduce amount and build back up to the recommended dosage over a 3 day period.

Day 8 - If you are using any joint support supplements

Day 12 - if you do not add any fruits and veggies to your dogs diet, this is the time when you can start incorporating some. Start with slightly steamed broccoli and carrots, chopped - 2 - 4 tablespoons to see if they can tolerate it. You can also start introducing something new each day like a couple of slices of apple, or some berries melon etc. For a list see my feed programs.
Day 21 - if you want to use Honest Kitchen dehydrated, you can start to incorporate it after they are well established on their program.see feed Program

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