Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

"The Rose'n Bloom Collection"


Most people know me as the GreatDaneLady, but my life's career was in teaching and in Fine Arts as a professional artist. I have an international exhibition reputation for my porcelain ceramics and drawings, and was responsible for the Ceramics Program at Ball State University, College of Fine Arts. I retired in 2006 to spend more time on my pet nutritional consulting business. I have many areas of creative ability and these pages will be dedicated to the things I am currently working on, which are earrings and mirrors. For more info on my art work and a biography, go to the left column at the bottom and click on that link called Artwork of Linda Arndt.

Here are some examples of the earrings I just completed. People have asked me if they are forsale so I have decided that I would make them individually for people who are interested in having them, and will display them on these pages. You can contact me at if you are interested in purchasing a pair of earrings or one of the shell mirrors.

Copa Cabana Series

Below (left to right 1-4)

Below (left to right 5-8)

Below (left to right 9-12)

Below (left to right 13-14)

Key West Series

Below(left to right 1-4)

Below (left to right 5 - 6)


Savannah Series

Below (left to right 1 - 2)


Whimsy Series

Seashell Mirrors

Mirror below #1 - 24"x 30"

Table Centerpiece below #2 - 20"

Shell Mirror #3 -



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