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Cancer 101 - The Simple Truth


Cancer is a health issue that is prevalent in companion animals. I feel we have options now that we did not have a few years ago. In this article and others to follow, I will provide you with resources, information and hope that this challenge can be met with success

Cancer Hits Home

.Three years ago my elderly father developed lung cancer, he just turned 89 and is cancer free. Personally knowing Dr. Eugene Wagner and his research on using antioxidant therapies on irradiated mice, I knew the value of nutritional support in situations like my fathers.

So I took Dr. Wagner's research information did some further investigating and networking, and developed program of nutritional support for my father that allowed him freedom of the ravages of chemo and radiation.

My father at this age, did not lose his hair, did not lose a single pound or get sick during his chemo and radiation treatment that lasted for 6 weeks, 5 days a week an assault on his body. On occasion he was tired, but with a nap in the afternoon, he was ready to go...remember he is almost 90. It was remarkable and stumped his physicians! But I know it is due to the nutritional support he received to help his body detoxify and flush the toxins from his body.

To watch him was amazing... driving himself to chemo, then stopping and picking up Chinese takeout or BBQ ribs from his favorite restaurant, right after therapy --- and he didn't skip a beat!

These nutrients and other "functional foods" can assist people greatly in this battle to reverse the damages of cancer and the terrible cancer treatment that often leave the body worse off than the disease. My father did everything his "traditional" physicians asked, he just supported his body with the few supplements that we suggested and that proved to give him a quality life during this process.

He did not discuss these supplements with his physician, because he knew it would fall on deaf ears. After the ordeal, and as he continued to be cancer free, his physicians were intrigued at his recovery - at his age in particular - and asked him specifically if he was doing something with alternative methods. My mother gave them a list of supplements and some research she found on the internet and it was not discussed any longer. My father is almost 90, the reality is, it can reoccur and at this age as the body is naturally in a weakened state, it is amazing that he has had 3 years of quality life...hopefully many more as he will stay on his daily supplements.

In this article I will give you the routine my father was on as well as other information I have found. But, it is up to you to do further research and to make the ultimate decision as to what direction you will go when it comes to treating this disease in pets or humans.

The information that I share is NOT to be used in lieu of a physician's advice or a veterinarian's advise. I will try to give you info that you then can research yourself as well as actual research references when possible. All the best in this journey, be it for yourself, a friend or your companion animal.

To read Ed's story:

Ed's Routine:

Daily Multiple Vitamin/Minerals - my preference is a liquid - Nature's Plus Ultra Source of Life
Omegas 3
(only pharmaceutical grade - Carlson Labs makes a good Super Omega 3
Fiber in the evening
after noon and dinner and before bed.

We added to his routine during chemo/radiation we added:

  • Nzymes - 12 capsules a day AM and PM - dietary enzymes from sprouts- major detoxifiers of free radicals, and this is what flushed the toxins from his body so he didn't lose his hair or was drained.
  • BakPakPlus - a powerful probiotic and digestive enzyme product to help with digestion and to take the load of the pancreas.
  • Oxydrops - anti-bacterial - anti-viral - anti-fungal and helps to keep the pH of the body at 7 or above which is necessary for good health
    Spark of Life - trace Minerals - drops in water AM and PM -from

He also took a tumor reducing herb called Graviola - but there are others. For the most current information and research information go to: call them and ask them for suggestions based on your type of cancer.

  • He ate lots of fresh fruit and veggies and lean meat, except his bacon in the AM !! Reduced his white sugar intake, and no processed white flower, only whole grains.

Let's start with some basic information....

Cancer 101- Reprint - Journal of Longevity Vol.10/No.5 - 2004

At some point in our lives, a loved one or friend may fall prey to this devastating disease. However most of us - including most in the medical community - do not really understand cancer.

Cancer is the results of faulty cellular division. That is, the instructions within the cell that are responsively for giving the information on fast and how many divisions should occur in the life time of a specific cell become corrupted. As a result, the cell growth gets out of control. Although this is very basic account of what happens, it is an accurate one. For any particular cell, the change means that instead of dividing as needed to replace an old or damaged cell, it will be gin to divide at lightening speed. In time (usually very little time), a mass of cells develops and begins to cause serious problems in the immediate and surrounding areas. If the faulty cellular instructions is great, not only will the rate of division be affected but also the structure of the new cells can change. This difference in function from the parent cell creates havoc in the body.

Types of Cancer

Cancer comes in many forms, but all are based on the type of cell in the body that is damaged and goes "wild". If the parent cell is a skin or lining that covers internal organs, the cancer is called carcinoma. IF the parent cell is bone, cartilage, fat, muscle blood vessel, or other connective tissues, the cancer is called sarcoma. Leukemia is another type that starts in the blood-forming tissue such as bone marrow and causes large numbers of, or abnormal, blood cells to be produced and enter the blood stream. Sub categories of these main divisions further specify the tissue that has become cancerous.

What Causes Cancer?

Unfortunately, the precise cause of cancers are not yet completely understood. However, we do know that some cancers are the results of stressors on the body. These can be physical stressors, chemical stressors, or psychological stressors. Chemical stressors in particular are often refereed to as "carcinogens."

Alternative Treatments

Nonconventional treatments for cancer are aimed at reducing stress to the body areas from where the cancer cells arise. Vitamins, minerals, and whole-food extracts ingested with whole foods in combination with various psychotherapuetic techniques are some modalities that work toward bringing the body into equilibrium and ameliorating the effects of stress.

What Does the Future Hold?

Research on cancer treatment pours in daily from almost every major university across the nation. These yet to be approved treatments include gene therapies that target the cellular instructions. In recent animal studies, doctors were able to send a carrier (usually an altered virus) into the nucleus of a cancerous cell with normal instructions to replace the original instructions that had gone bad. These treatments and otherss hold promise that one day in the near future - say 5 - 10 years - doctors will finally have a handle on this most vexing disease.

Extremely Valuable Nutritional Support to Investigate

In addition to the nutritional routine above for cancer, which I would use for my pet , there are 4 other supplements that have tremendous benefits and well worth looking into, for treatment or prevention. I will give you the best sources for purchasing these products. These are not multi-level companies so you are not paying twice as much for the middle-man. On large/giant breeds I would dose same as adults. Small breeds, it will be an educated guess, but these are functional foods, so I would think half the dose for an adult human would be sufficient. Talk to the company for suggestions.


UPDATE 2011 : This is a supplement for humans and for pets (different labeling) that is an absolute MUST for anyone with Cancer going through chemo and/or radiation to prevent cellular DNA damage. Note in the instructions that come with this that it can't be given at the same time as Graviola and must be alternated if you are using both products.

Contact: POLY-MVA


Click here to purchase: Graviola

Click here to purchase: Ellagic Acid

AHCC - For Info from Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center
Chick here for information on AHCC

To purchase AHCC go to Source Naturals


This is from a paper on AHCC by Dr. David Williams

Initial studies done with AHCC since the 1980s suggest that this is one of the most powerful human immune boosters ever tested. It appears to increase NK cell activity by up to 300% or more! And it works quickly, usually within hours. Officials at NASA have even found that AHCC can be useful in preventing and treating infections in astronauts while they’re in space.

The best news of all is that AHCC is now available here in the U.S. without a prescription.

ALTERNATIVES is one of the first and only U.S. publications to report on AHCC. (I recently devoted nearly an entire issue to it.) Since then, I’ve received so many inquiries that I’ve created a Special Report about AHCC and its unique, cancer-killing properties. If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to send you a copy absolutely free. Here are just a few highlights from my Report…

 AHCC stimulates NK cell activity quickly, literally causing them to destroy cancer cells in hours. A medical test (the NK cell function test) shows increased NK activity just 4 hours after treatment.

 Patients with liver cancer who took AHCC as part of their treatment regimen had fewer recurrences of tumors and enjoyed higher survival rates after surgery.

 AHCC often reverses the presence of pre-cancerous cells on the cervix (shown by abnormal Pap smears), returning tissue to normal in as little as 6 months. (Cervical cancer is one of the most difficult to treat, so this is a Godsend for high-risk women.)

Studies show it can also be a powerful tool in the treatment of other cancers too—including leukemia, breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

 Unlike many cancer treatments that weaken the patient over time, AHCC makes patients healthier and stronger by increasing immune function.

What I’d do if I had cancer

If I discovered I had cancer, I would certainly take AHCC immediately to give my body extra power to fight the disease. If I had a history of cancer in my family, I’d definitely take it as a preventive.

Most of the studies on AHCC were done on patients currently undergoing conventional cancer treatments. Research suggests that AHCC can greatly improve survival rates, while reducing the bad side effects of chemo and radiation.

Since your immune system is your first line of defense against more than just cancer (it’s how your body fights off the flu, colds, recurring infections, pathogenic and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and virtually any other disease), AHCC offers benefits that go far beyond just cancer protection.

People who would also greatly benefit from AHCC include:

 Those with a history of smoking or heavy drinking.

 Individuals working in the medical field who are exposed to highly contagious diseases.

 Elderly individuals with weakened immune systems. That’s because NK cells respond slower as we get older, resulting in recurring bouts of infection and noticeable decline in general health.

Human Info:

For information on a good daily Vitamin/Mineral supplement routine

UPDATE 2011 : This is a supplement for humans and for pets (different labeling) that is an absolute MUST for anyone with Cancer going through chemo and/or radiation to prevent cellular DNA damage. Note in the instructions that come with this that it can't be given at the same time as Graviola and must be alternated if you are using both products.

Contact: POLY-MVA



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