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More Examples: Knuckling Over - Bowing Legs

Here are more examples of knuckling over and bowed limbs on young growing dogs. This is not genetic, it happens to all breeds, large or small and it is due to how you are managing your dogs dietary needs and the flooring you are keeping them on to develop. Poor quality diet or too much of a good food, poor footing/slick floors with no rugs, and missing trace minerals. All things that contribute to this problem. If caught early enough it can be reversed with no problem. If left it causes permanent damage and the dogs are prone to bone cancer in the damaged joints.

Here is your homework, you need to read both of these articles:

Knuckling Over

Puppy Feed Program for Knuckling and Bowing


Correct Front

Carpel Flexural Deformity

Knuckling Over and Bowed Legs

Yes, It Can Be Fixed

With a change to the Blackwatch Puppy Feed Program for Knuckling/Bowing
wrapping - when needed for support, and no slick floors!
The younger they are the sooner it can be reversed.

9 weeks old - 7 days later

Left: Before ------------------------------------Right: After

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