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The issue of vaccine reactions (Vaccine Mediated Response) is of serious concern for many people in purebreed dogs and particularly Great Dane breeders/owners. Because so many people use my website for nutritional information, I tend to get an over abundance of emails from owners whose dogs have suffered irreversible damage or loss of life due to vaccine reactions . Here are some vaccine protocals from excellent websites.

Read, print out, consult with your vet before you decide how to vaccinate - you make it your choice how to do this, it is important to be an advocate for your pet's health.

Dr. Jean Dodd's Vaccine Protocal's

C.A.R.E.S. an excellent website to help you stay on top of vaccine changes and alert you to risky medicines.

The AAHA Vaccine Guidelines

Prevention Magazines Recommend Schedule

EMERGING TRENDS IN VACCINATIONS go to the Great Dane Club of America website.
In left column will be information on Vaccines.


Vaccine Reactions can mimic the signs of HOD

  • swollen achy joints
  • high fever
  • lethargy
  • off feed
  • crying in pain

Many puppies are misdiagnosed as HOD puppies, when in fact they are having a vaccine responses. This develops into an auto-immune disease over a few weeks and there is NOTHING, to my knowledge, that can save them. While vets grasp at straws, thinking they are treating HOD symptoms, the dog is unresponsive to all traditional treatment for HOD (steroids, change of diet) and they become more and more disfigured. Euthanasia is the only recourse.

PREVENTION from vaccine mediated responses is the only chance we have from this happening. I have included the program we have used for years and had great success with it for our puppies/dogs.

YOU and the vet have to make the ultimate decision, but remember this is such a big problem in the breed that the Great Dane Club of American is helping to fund Vaccine Reaction research at Purdue University. This research is in the 7 year of a 8 year study. So problem of vaccine reactions is not to be taken lightly. Discuss this with your vet and have him contact Dr. Harm HoganEsch or Dr.Glickman at Purdue about appropriate vaccine protocols for the giant breeds.


Recommendations for Vaccine Response Prevention:

Vaccine reactions or vaccine mediated responses are nothing new in dogs. Vaccine manufacturer's refuse to acknowledge there is a problem with we are losing dogs daily to adverse reactions.

Over the past few years I have come to learn how far reaching this problem is in other breeds as well as my own. This regime is what I recommend to my puppy buyers and individuals who contact me for advise. The combination of these two things give us a much better chance of avoiding vaccine reactions, nothing is a guarantee, but this is a step in the right direction. Based on the Purdue Vaccine Research, the carrier/preservative in vaccines is recognized by the body as a toxin and therefore, Vitamin C and Nzymes act to detoxify these toxins and help prevent a reaction. We start our puppies on this routine at weaning (4weeks) so they prepared when we start to vaccinate.

These two products together work synergistically to help prevent vaccine response.

  • Nzymes - an dietary enzyme with powerful antioxidant properties
    (877-816-6500) website:
  • Vitamin C
    250mg of Vitamin C for puppies 8 wks - 10 wks daily
    500mg of Vitamin C for puppies 10 wks - 12 wks daily
    1000 mg of Vitamin C for puppies 12 wks - adults.

If you use Daily Greens Plus, it has adequate amounts of vitamin C in it.

Again, there is no guarantee, but hopefully this will help prevent vaccine reactions.



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