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Choose a Natural Form of Selenium in your Dog's Food

Selenium is a critical nutrient for animals and people, and not all sources of selenium are the same - some are inorganic (coming from rocks/heavy metals) and then there is the organic form, coming from plants or fungus which is a usable and non-toxic form.

Start at the beginning:

Like all else in life, there is the good/evil entities.
So is the case in anything in life- from the tiniest living organisms to giant living organisms on the planet. There are beneficial bacterias that are necessary for life like lactobacillus acidophillus and then there are pathogenic (bad) bacteria like MRSA Staph, ecoli etc. that can make us very sick or even kill us. The body carries good and bad microbials. 

Also there are good and bad fungus, which can be deadly Candida Albicans or like some of the cancers that are fungus based. Also there is good fungus such as medicinal mushrooms used to shrink cancer tumors and portabella mushroom, which we like to eat on our steaks.

Yeast is a form of fungus - we have good yeasts and bad yeasts..example bakers yeast is good, that is what we used to make breads. Brewer's yeast makes beer etc. Candida yeast is and example of a bad yeast/fungus, it reeks havoc on the body. Systemic Yeast overgrowth/infections comes from Candida Albicans fungus.

There are yeast/fungus that are also good and they are the "medium" or delivery system on which we can grow beneficial nutrients like organic selenium. In doing so this makes selenium an "organic" form of yeast and it is not toxic to the body. When we use selenium,  in a the inorganic or mineral form it can collect in the body and be toxic over time..hence the concern in the pet industry.

The key to all supplementation and wellness is to use forms of supplements that are usable by the body, and when and if the body does not need them, they are passed in excrement and not stored in the body which can cause toxic levels over time.

The selenium in all the Precise foods is not yeast, but derived from being grown off of this beneficial fungus making it not only an organic form, but the safest form in the world. It is simply called Selenium Yeast which denotes it is an organic and usable form - safe form.


Selenium is a controversial nutrient. It is an essential component of all animal diets, however, at high levels, it can be toxic. Because of this I do not recommend ever supplementing your pet's diet with additional selenium.

It is impossible to chelated selenium regardless of what some companies claim.  The traditional (inorganic) form has been fed to animals for decades, however, it is poorly absorbed and retained by the animal, so what goes in, rapidly comes out or get's stored.The organic forms of selenium is better absorbed and retained by the animal consuming the diet where organic selenium has been used.

Specific types of Yeast, unlike animals, are able to produce the same selenium compounds that exist in plants, which provide selenium in an organic and in its safest form.

Linda Arndt
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