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Systemic Yeast Infections in Humans

Editorial Comment:

Over the years of personally dealing with systemic yeast issues, as well as with canines, I have learned that in women there are OTHER conditions that are often intertwined with systemic yeast problems. Poly Cystic Ovaries, Syndrome X (insulin resistance/weight managment) and infertility and thyroid issues - these conditions and systemic yeast issues all are related, contrary to what you my hear. However, Systemic Yeast issues are not only a problem in women, it can be a problem with men as well.

For those who have had one or all of the human problems that I have mentioned above, I suggest that you do two things. Get started on The Human Yeast Removal Kit and then contact the people at Insulite Labratories, who deal with these conditions using natural supplements and addressing the whole person.

These conditions and Systemic Yeast are all tied together and NOT separate issues, and I know they are all part of the same disorder, which perhaps needs it's own name. It is a vicious cycle that can be broken.

Due to FDA regulations, there are certain claims that can not be made so the Yeast Removal Kit is now called Immune Support Kit and there will be no information at the website where you purchase the kit.


I believe Systemic Yeast Overgrowth is at the core of a multitude of human health issues today, from fibromyalgia, depression, arthritis, chronic sinus issues, skin and digestive problems, even to certain cancers.

This is an article about how I dealt with the problem of systemic yeast overgrowth. After much research I developed this wellness routine and have stayed with it with great success over the years. I know it can help you as well. I know many of you reading this, have been to the ends of the earth and spent lots of money with little results. If you are diligent about your routine and understand "Rome was not built in a day", you will find success with this information. Good Luck and Stay the Course!

What Is Yeast Overgrowth?

Yeast is a fungus, a microscopic-size parasite-type organism and it lives and thrives in a dark, warm, moist environment and it lives naturally in our intestinal tract. When this yeast (Candida Albicans) multiplies at an accelerated rate in the intestinal tract it causes chronic health problems in humans and pets.

Candida is a single-cell microorganism that develops feeding tubes called hyphae, which grow directly into the intestinal walls causing them to become porous and allowing toxins and undigested proteins and carbohydrates to flow through the bowel wall, only to be absorbed into the body and the blood stream-clinically known as intestinal permeability, and commonly known as leaky gut syndrome. The fungal toxins, the most common being acetaldehyde then enter the bloodstream through the bowel wall. This major waste-product of the yeast fungal organism is a poison and it is converted by the liver into alcohol. The"die-off" from the yeast is known as Herxheimer reaction.

What Causes Yeast Overgrowth?

o Birth control pills o Cortisone drugs
o Nutritional deficiencies o Overly acid pH
o Over-consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates
o Transmission vaginally from an infected partner
o Higher progesterone levels causing increased PMS and symptoms during pregnancy
o Repeated antibiotic use that destroy all the intestinal bacteria, good and bad
o NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen™)

Consequences of Yeast Overgrowth?

During the yeast/fungus growth process there are toxic materials emitted and they spread throughout the body by producing, but not limited to, the following symptoms/disorders:

o Digestive System - bloating, gas, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, inability to lose weight, insulin resistance

o Nervous System - chronic fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, brain-fog, depression and chronic insomnia. In children, hyperactivity, autism, quick anger "short fuse," and short attention span

o Skin - acne, hives, eczema, psoriasis, profuse sweating without physical exertion, acne, and nail fungus

o Genito-urinary Tract - in women, mild to severe PMS symptoms including: depression, mood swings, fluid retention, cramps, recurrent vaginal or bladder infections, loss of sexual desire, crying for no unknown reason. In men, chronic rectal or anal itching, recurrent prostatitis, impotence, genital and inner thigh rashes

o Endocrine System - thyroid dysfunction, adrenal "burn-out", pancreatic disorder. These disruptions cause symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, low body temperature, tingling and numbness in fingers, feet and toes, sugar and carbohydrate cravings and insulin resistance

o Generalized Immune System - recurrent infections of especially the ears, nose, throat, respiratory and vaginal/genital areas

o Hypersensitivity Syndrome - this occurs as the body attempts to neutralize candida overgrowth by producing antibodies (proteins) in an attempt to neutralize the overgrowth. These antibodies cause the body to become hypersensitive to molds, foods and environmental factors.


Superficial (most common) - characterized by inflammation of tissue linings, i.e. skin, GI tract, pharynx, upper and lower respiratory tract etc.

Locally invasive - i.e. pneumonia, cystitis, esophagus, the most common being ulcerations of the intestinal, respiratory or genito-urinary tract.

Systemic - an invasive infection, characterized by lesions of the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, lung, brain and other organs.


One of the most effective ways to deal with systemic yeast overgrowth in humans is to alter the diet and use the Immune Support Kit #31 for humans. It is imperative that one follow the directions in the kit exactly as written.


1. Tincture of Blackleaf - liquid herbal drops used internally to kill the yeast/fungus

2. Dietary Enzymes used to cleanse the body from the mycotoxins that are made by the dying off of the yeast/fungus.

3. Probiotics capsules - a combination of multiple probiotics (friendly bacteria) and digestive enzymes. This is needed to "re-seed" the gut with beneficial bacteria which crowds out the yeast/fungus.

NOTE: not all probiotics are strong enough for systemic yeast. This is a multiple micro-organism product made specifically for systemic yeast issues and micro-encapsulated so its effectiveness is not tampered with by digestive juices.

4. Oxy-E-100 - to help alter the pH of the body so yeast/fungus and other pathogens do not thrive.

To purchase the a kit to remove fungus and rebalance your system

Immune Support Kit#31

Note: I have had several holistic physicians tell meMono Epstine Barr is the chronic stage of systemic yeast infection.


This is the method I used to "ramp up" on the Nzymes and Oxy-E-100. You have lived with this problem all this time, so it takes a few days longer to get up to full speed and with less discomfort.

Morning (before food):

Day 1 & 2 --- 5 drops of Oxy-E-100 in 8 oz of filtered or bottled water/ and 1 Dietary Enzymes in AM - Repeat in evening before bed.

Day 3 & 4 - 10 drops of OxE- Drops in 8 oz of filtered or bottle water/ and 2 Dietary enzymes in AM
Repeat in the evening before bed.

Day 5 & 6
- 10 drops of Oxy-E-100 in 8 oz of filtered or bottled water/ and 4 Nzymes in AM - Repeat in the evening before bed.

Day 7 - Day 21 - The Detox Stage - but you should not be bothered by this too much now since you ramped up to it. Detox symptoms can be gas, bloating, nausea, itchy skin, sweats, any flu like symptoms, if you feel these, one or any, it will tell you how full of toxins you really are. However, normally with ramping up, people have little or no ill effects.

For the next two weeks:
Take 6 Dietary Enzymes in the AM and PM
Take 10 drops of Oxy-E-100 in filtered or bottled water in AM and PM
and repeat this same amount in the evening before bed time.

After the 21 days of this detox stage, you will go back to a normal dosage of 10 drops of Oxy-E-100 AM and PM daily and 6 Dietary Enzyme capsules daily - which you can take all at once, or divided AM and PM. This is the normal dosage for the rest of your life. I have been on this dosage for 20+ years and one of the side effects is NO wrinkles due to its antioxidant/anti-aging properties.



I recommend taking 3 supplements while you are making dietary changes to lower your yeast overgrowth. I like a high quality whole food multiple vitamin/mineral combination in a liquid form so it is very usable by the body. I have tried several and my preference is Liquid Health Complete Multiple Vitamin.

I also highly recommend 1000 - 3000 mg of Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and "B - Complex"- tablet - 100 mg and with no yeast in it.

Ease into the vitamin C it can cause loose stools.

This is a minimum routine one should do on a daily basis. Always take your vitamin/mineral and Vit C and B Complex in the AM and with food or it can make you nauseous and to get the most from them they must attach with food.

Dietary Changes:

Dietary changes are imperative to maintain a healthy balance. There NO doubt that yeast lives off sugar so it is very important to eat only fresh whole fruit with fiber intact - berries are a good choice because they have more fiber than most fruits. Refrain from fruit juices because of the high concentrated sugar content. It is often suggested to eliminate all fruit the first week or two, which is why we recommend a good vitamin C with bioflavonoid. I this is not something you would like to do please limiting your fruit to 2 servings of whole fruit a day. No one got high levels of yeast from eating too much fruit, there are many other factors to take into consideration. Remember, once you get your yeast in control a few months down the road, then you can have moderate amounts of these things…but for now while you are getting on track, please avoid these things.

Eliminate fruit juices, sugar, honey, fructose, maple syrup, soy sauce, corn syrup, mushrooms, vinegar, yeast breads and baked goods with white flour, peanuts. NO artifical sweetners either.

Refrain from eating any simple carbohydrate such as: white flours, white breads, white rice, white pasta. Instead use only whole grains - but no wheat or wheat gluten flour. The health food store will be the place to look for better carbs such as whole grain pastas, brown rice and whole grain and gluten free breads. Limit to three to four servings daily (one serving equals 1 slice of bread, or 1/2 c. cooked rice or pasta). These carbs convert to sugar; therefore, a modified diabetic-type diet is also an anti-yeast diet.
Drink plenty of pure water to amount to at least 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily (example: a 150 pound person needs to consume 75 oz. of water or roughly 9 glasses).

Limit your bovine (cow) dairy products, milk, chesses, and fruit yogurts in the early stages of detoxifying. Many people find during this time of limited dairy they can feel a difference in how their joints, sinuses, and energy level. Some people do well on soy milk instead of dairy. Make sure you are getting enough calcium and using a calcium/magnesium citrate supplement is very helpful.

Eat plenty of high quality protein; lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs.

Plenty of fresh greens and vegetables with the fiber intact, is very important and limit your intake of startchy veggies such as peas, corn and potatoes during the detoxifying process. These can be added back in once you get a handle on your systemic yeast situation.

Seeds, sprouted foods, nuts (except peanuts) are acceptable and encouraged as well as good omega oils such as flaxseed, fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil.

Read food labels - beware of anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. Eating this is like feeding your yeast a Filet Mignon dinner! They love it, live for it and off it. So this is one of the hidden culprits in today's diets that cause so many yeast issues.

How Long Do I Stay On The Kit?

Many people find once they start on the Immune Support Kit they remain on some of the products for many years to keep they yeast in check. Dietary Enzymes, Oxy-E-100 and Probiotics are taken daily along with your other supplements, and when one over does it in the sugar department then use the Blackleaf for a few days helps to get you back on track. I use Blackleaf once a month for a week just as a preventative plus it acts as a wormer for other parasites. (yes, humans have parasites, that is another article in the future).

As I have stated previously, it took some time to get into this cycle, and it will take some time to reverse it but you can do it. Now I know when I have over done it and I get back on the Blackleaf for a week or so. I stay on dietary enzymes, Probiotics and Oxy-E-100 daily anyway - it makes me feel better and look younger and it will you too!


Add to the program above, the following products.

  1. Canda Cleanse- I think this really enhances the program and covers your bases with some herbal support. To Purchase:

Information about CandaCleanse


A unique blend of botanicals and enzymes designed to discourage yeast overgrowth and to support a healthy intestinal ecology Contains natural compounds that help eliminate candida and intestinal yeast

Encourages the re-establishment of a balanced intestinal microflora

Contains oleuropein from olive leaf extract, a compound known to eliminate the growth of yeast and fungus on contact

Contains wild oregano to assist intestinal detoxification after the yeast dies— reducing symptoms of “die-off” known as Herxheimer reactions

Contains ingredients to change the intestinal environment four ways: 1. Potent enzymes (Cellulase &, Protease), to help break-down candida cell walls, and to clean-up waste and food, leaving less energy to support yeast & fungal growth. 2. Disrupts the ability of yeasts to attach to the intestinal wall by the addition of plant polysaccharides. 3. Detoxifies the intestines with the inclusion of plant alkaloids as well as disruption of yeast cell reproduction. 4. Prevents reproduction of yeast cells by disrupting cell membrane integrity 5. Promotes immune functions

What is CandaCleanse™?

CandaCleanse is a multi-system approach to assist the body in ridding itself of common yeast such as, Candida Albicans Yeast. Yeast is a regular inhabitant of the bacteria in the digestive tract. Generally, in a healthy intestinal tract, the ratio of Candida is one cell to one million other bacteria. Due to varied factors including, but not limited to, antibiotic use, lack of dietary fiber, and a compromised digestive/elimination system, overgrowth of yeast and fungus occurs.

“Yeast is NOT killed by antibiotics, but rather flourish in the resulting intestinal imbalance of ‘friendly’ bacteria. After antibiotic therapy is complete, the reduced population of friendly bacteria allows yeast to multiply at alarming rates, releasing excessive toxins into the body. In turn, Candida overgrowth also releases toxins that then weaken the body’s overall immune function.” —Dr. Gloria Gilbère

Many researchers now believe that certain forms of yeast can travel through the blood and eventually inhabit any organ of the body.

Ingredients in CandaCleanse™ — A Proprietary Blend

CAPRYLIC ACID— A naturally occurring fatty acid commonly used as an ingredient in acidophilus. Used in formulas to fight yeast infections and balance friendly (health-enhancing) intestinal bacteria.

UVA URSI— A perennial evergreen shrub made-up of tough, long trailing, and flexible stems. The roots have been used for centuries as a remedy for dysentery. For optimum results, avoid all acidic foods such as oranges, Vitamin “C” and acid-containing juices that causes the urine to become acidic, creating a perfect ecology to promote growth of fungus and yeast.

GARLIC POWDER— Contains more than 100 biologically useful chemicals. Garlic is known as one of nature’s antibiotics, and an excellent herb for building the immune system by stimulating other immune cells such as macrophages and T-cells to fight bacteria and viral infections. Benjamin Lau, M.D., Ph.D. conducted a study where he injected garlic extract into mice with Candida infections. After a day, the Candida colonies numbered 400, compared with 3500 colonies in the mice given only a salt-water solution. After two days into the trial, the garlic treated mice were completely free of Candida.


Cellulase / A fiber-digesting enzyme not produced by the human body. The membrane of the Candida yeast is composed largely of chitin, therefore, it is thought to be vulnerable to digestion by cellulose. When the cell wall is disseminated by cellulase, the Candida yeast dies.

Protease / An enzyme included to assure that none of the toxic fungal by-products produced from the Candida yeast die-off are present. Left unprotected, these toxic substances are able to have poisonous effects on the blood.

GOLDTHREAD 10% ALKALOIDS— Is used for chronic intestinal congestion especially in cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Goldthread excels for symptoms of intestinal tract deficient conditions whose symptoms include: dry mouth, gum (periodontal) problems, coated tongue and sluggish gastric secretions.

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT— Exhibits a myriad of medicinal uses used for centuries. The leaves have shown to have significant anti-microbial action, and are an effective agent against resistant strains of fungi which includes (yeast, Candida, viruses and bacteria).

PAU D’ARCO— Has shown to successfully treat fungal conditions such as athletic foot, and yeast infections such as Candida. It has a mild laxative effect that makes it useful for chronic constipation. It has also shown promise in patients with arthritis, peptic ulcers, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

BARBERRY ROOT— The root and stem bark contains the medicinally active components of barberry. It has been used internally to treat skin conditions as well diarrhea caused by bacteria such as e-coli and Candida. It also contains antioxidant constituents and may help reduce inflammation.

GRAPEFRUIT WHOLE POWDER— Is primary used as a treatment for vaginal yeast infections caused by Candida and the intestinal condition known as Candida Overgrowth Syndrome. It is also used to kill strep, staph, salmonella, e-coli, influenza, parasites, herpes, fungi and travelers diarrhea.

HYSSOP (WILD OREGANO)— The leaves, dried herb and volatile oil are used medicinally. A test tube study demonstrated that oil of oregano inhibited the growth of Candida Albicans effectively.

OTHER INGREDIENTS— Cellulose (vegetable source)


Lau, Benjamin, M.D., Ph.D. Garlic for Health. IL: Lotus Light Publications, 1988

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Permission for reprinting has been granted from the website

PRECAUTIONS—Do not give to children under 12 years of age. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or are taking anticoagulant medications, without first consulting with your health care provider.

Statements in this informational brochure have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product described is an herbal product, not a medicine. We make no curative claims, therefore, it is not our intent to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure a disease, disorder or medical condition.




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